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TylerISD STEMScopes training

Tyler ISD

Paul Eyler

on 31 July 2013

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Transcript of TylerISD STEMScopes training

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
What is it? Why use it?
Try to match the activity with the description and then place it in the correct section of the 5E Model!
4.5A example
Interactive Tour
Go Forth & Explore
Login and explore the features

Choose one of the first standards you will be teaching (i.e.- X.5A) and go through every activity

Don't forget to explore the teacher toolbox! --->
Paul Eyler,
Science Facilitator TISD
Objective: Participants will learn how to use STEMScopes to engage Science students, practice using the program, then Lesson plan the year.

Computer usage

Full participation
Have fun
Learn something
Using your notebook
Restrooms / snacks when needed

Intro - "How do you learn all that stuff?"
Table talk: answer the following questions -

1)Now that C-scope exemplar lessons are no longer maintained, what do you plan on doing?

2)How familiar are you with STEMScopes?

Activity: Card Sort
How to use it
Guided Practice
STEMscopes™ is a K-12 comprehensive online science curriculum program that provides hands-on inquiry activities, assessments, problem-based-learning, intervention tools, acceleration materials, and teacher support resources.
It is 100% aligned to the TEKS and meets the rigor and depth of STAAR. It follows the 5E model, has tons of great features and resources for differentiation and assessment.
Teacher Resources
Video Tour
Gallery walk activity:
With a partner, walk around and discuss how each section and activity can be utilized during your science instruction.
What some teachers have to say...Aurasma style
aurasma activity with foldable
Science Training
fyi: you just reviewed everything in an interactive, pre/formative assessment
Brief overview for TISD
Full transcript