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Spies in world war 2

No description


on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Spies in world war 2

When the US joined the war, there were already several Germans spies in the country. Hitler ordered his spies there should wreck canals and railways, power stations and water supplies. Eight were caught and were executed in the electric chair.
Shocking. Spies didn't live safe and secure lives. Some spies had miserable lives and... Worse deaths. o Zigzag (Eddie Chapman) 1914-1997

Eddie was a crook. He was caught robbing a dance-hall safe and was sent to jail for 15 years.
But the Germans invaded the prison and offered Chapman a job. It was to go back to England and spy for Germany.
Eddie dropped into England and told the British chiefs just what had happened. The British told him to spy for Germany but the Brits would tell him what to do.
In 1944 the Germans told him that they were firing rocket bombs on London. They ordered Eddie to tell them if they were hitting London. The bombs were hitting London. So Chapman was told to tell the Germans that the bombs were shooting over London. And that's what the Germans died. The bombs started to fall in the south of London. The End Cool Spies In World War 2, there were a lot of spies. Some worked for money and some just worked for their countries. Some were brave and the rest weren't as brave as the others. Which one would you be? Cracking Codes In World War 2, spies can't use phones. It makes it too easy for the enemies to listen to you.
So the spies use radio to send messages. But still the enemies can listen to you. Now you use a secret code. Clever Camouflage Camouflage is a trick of making look like something else. Gadgets Spies often needed gadgets to hide from enemies.
Some were cool, and the others were just weird. Spy's Ends Made by Jimmy Kim Garbo (Juan Pujol)
Juan Pujol in Lisbon, Britain, wanted to spy for the British but the British weren't so sure. So he went to Spy for Germany. The Germans said "Sure!"
Juan read books and sent reports back to Germany about the fact he read. He never left Lisbon.
Then the Brits let Juan work for them!
Greta Garbo was a famous actor. The British said Pujol was such a great actor that they said that should be his code name.
In June 1944 Garbo told the Germans what they wanted to hear: plans to invade France. He told the germans that the British are going to land in Calais.
Of course the British landed in Normandy. Germany was defeated. What the Germans didn't know was that the Brits had their own Machines. The Germans used a machine called the Enigma. An Enigma machine will make a jumble of letters, and the other Enigma machine will turn it back to a proper sentence. Navaho Codes The Americans employed the Native Americans of the Navaho band to send messages in their language.
There were only about 30 people in the world who spoke Navaho. None of them were Japanese.
Here are some of their words... a-chin - nose
a-kha lin - oil
bi-so-dih - pig
chindi - devil
d-ah - tea
dibeh - sheep
lha-cha-eh - dog
shi-da - uncle
tkin - ice What does this
message mean?

dibeh d-ah shi-da
bi-so-dih tkin
chindi Sneaky code A German spy sent a message from America to tell the Germans when the US ship Pershing would sail from New York. The Germans could wait and torpedo the warship. The letter was... Apparently neutral's protest is thoroughly discounted and ignored. Isman hard hit. Blockade issue affects protext for embargo on by-products, ejecting suets and vegetable oils. Huh? Take the second letter from each word and put them together to spell out the message. P E R S H I N G S A I L S F R O M N Y J U N E . Wonderful Mikes An American spy went to Paris and took a room near the German air force headquarters.
He set up a really powerful microphone so he could listen to the Germans. The caretaker told the Germans he was his cousin.
Then the spy said that he was is ill. He spent the next year listening to the German air fiorce. Burning Soap A bar of soap could be left in an enemy base. It worked like a real soap for couple days. Then, when the soap wore down, water got in and set off a big fire. The enemy burned his face and hands. Pen Pain If a spy was captured, then he could escape by blinding his enemy for a couple minutes. Tear gas makes eyes water and sting. The SOE came up with a pen that sent out a cloud of tear gas. o N w I ' m o p e f r n One of the SOE experts was a film director before the war. He was good at special effects. He made...

A large fish that held a machine gun.

A bomb in a wine bottle

A radio in a vacuum cleaner

A bicycle pump that worked with a short stroke- It exploded with a long one Film Disguise Fake Statues Statues made from ivory were popular in the Far East. The SOE made their own statues - Except they weren't made from ivory, they were carved from TNT explosive. Cicero (Elias Basna) A German spy named Cicero sent British secrets from Turkey. The Brits were after him so the Germans gave him 300,000 of British money to get away. The trouble was that the money was all fake. Cicero was thrown in jail - not for spying but for counterfeiting money. US spy shock COMMENTS AND QUESTIONS. Burning Soap A bar of soap could be left in an enemy base. It worked like a real soap for couple days. Then, when the soap wore down, water got in and set off a big fire. The enemy burned his face and hands.
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