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The Last Spin by Evan Hunter

No description

Janet Montalvo

on 5 January 2015

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Transcript of The Last Spin by Evan Hunter

This short story takes place in a small basement room. Two former gang members, Danny and Tigo, want to settle a disagreement between their rival gangs. They play a discreet game of Russian roulette, to avoid a big rumble in the streets. As the game goes on, the two boys bond, talking about their girlfriends, and the way they both got involved in gang life. Tigo realizes that no one is going to die soon so he adds the second cartridge into the cylinder and then later on he adds the third cartridge making the odds one to two. No one dies and they agree to tell their gangs that they kept shooting and nothing happened, just one last spin. Tigo invites Danny to the lake the following Sunday, just as he is putting the gun to his forehead. Danny pulls the trigger, unfortunately he ends up with a bullet through his head .
Janet Montalvo
6th Hour

main characters and their roles
Danny, one of the main characters, wears a blue and gold jacket, came from the Bronx and is new in town. He could have avoided being in a gang, but his mother didn't allow him to enroll in the army.

main conflict
The main problem of this short story is two rival gangs have an disagreement and send a representative to settle the conflict by playing a game of Russian roulette
In the text, Tigo says "is that I just happened to be picked for this, you know? Like to settle this thing that's between the two clubs I mean, you got to admit your boys shouldn't have come in our territory last night."
SIFT method: symbol
The Last Spin by Evan Hunter
literary analysis interprets the key literary elements and devices such as character, plot, imagery, ans symbolism to arrive to a deeper meaning or understanding of the reading.
Tigo, who wears a green and orange jacket, is described as having "thick black hair and maybe nose that was too long but his mouth and chin were good."

Tigo also states, "Well, anyway, they shot at the candy store. That wasn't right, There's supposed to be a truce on."
"The jacket told Danny that Tigo was his enemy. The jacket shrieked, "Enemy, enemy!"
It represents how just by wearing a jacket you can be classified or labeled as a foe and can be a great danger towards you.
SIFT method: Imagery
Every time they both twirled the cylinder and put the gun to their forehead.
I can imagine both boys being uneasy and nervous when they were passing the gun back and forth and playing the game.
SIFT method: Figures of Speech
"His heart skipped a beat, and then over the roar of his blood he heard the empty click. Hastily, he out the gun down on the table.
This is an example of personification, because blood cannot roar. I think it represents how nervous he was that his blood or heart was beating abnormally.
SIFT method: Tone
The tone varies during the story, in the begging they're both tough and want to get the game over with. As the story goes on however, they realize that they share many things in common and start to loosen up.
SIFT method: Theme
The theme of this short story is that life can end in the blink of an eye, so don't waste it doing something you're not proud off.
The most fascinating part to me is how well Tigo and Danny bonded. They started off talking about their family, and how they both disagreed about the lifestyle they chose. Then they talked about their girlfriends and make plans to go out together.
"Look, you want to go on the lake this Sunday? I mean with your girl and mine? We could get two boats. Or even one if you want."
Just as they made plans, and Danny was going to do one last spin, he is the one that ends up losing the game.
"The explosion rocked the small basement room, ripping away half of Danny's head, shattering his face."
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