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OLD Social Media Management: How We Do It

By Truffle PR & Communications

Truffle Social

on 16 February 2015

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Transcript of OLD Social Media Management: How We Do It

We also monitor trending topics and #hashtags so that we can involve you in conversations of interest.
Social Media: How We Do It
Truffle PR
Which social media platforms we work with:
We also work with other platforms including
Pinterest, Google+, Keek, Vine, Instagram, Tumblr
and other blogging sites.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Keeping on top of the news
By keeping an eye on the activity of your competitors we are able to feed information back to you that may be of interest. This allows you to keep ahead of the game and start new initiatives that dominate your area.
Thank you!
For venue-based accounts such as restaurants and bars, our geo-location software comes in handy when targeting potential walk-in customers.
By setting up relevant alerts to key words we can appropriately respond to people's comments from your account. The
of our engagement creates a wow factor with many consumers.
We read the papers first thing each morning and constantly monitor news feeds throughout the day so that we can comment on relevant stories on your behalf, positioning you as a thought-leader and fully in touch with your industry.
Key word alerts and #trends
Competitor Monitoring
The Result
The first action when taking on any new client is to get to know them as a brand. We can then put together a strategy that is unique to them factoring in platforms are best for them.
Key Influencers
We use our contacts, lists and ‘influence’ software to identify relevant individuals who may have a synergy with your brand.

We reach out to your target audience from your accounts including press, bloggers or everyday consumers. This way, you are initiating relationships and converting individuals who may have previously had a neutral stance on the brand into brand advocates.
- List-building (to monitor competitors and regular customers)
- Reports and analytics
- Forward planning, competitions, short-term objectives and projects
- Software development
- Following/Unfollowing

Our back end software gives us conversation history insights between you and other Twitter users so that we can intelligently determine the status of the relationship. We can then consider the best way of proceeding with further contact. This reinforces the
aspect and a caring approach.
Hundreds of millions of people use social media to share tips, experiences and online content with their peers including
34m Twitter users in the UK alone

By harnessing the incredible viral potential of B2C engagement, brands can
brand awareness
and interest; this directly leads to an
increase in revenue
for their business.
Being one of the first agencies in the UK to specialise in social media community management, we've had the
to develop and perfect a formula that produces
optimum results
And finally...
Roles within the team are split into areas.
Projects, Development & Analytics
It is important not to come across as 'salesy'.

- It's the biggest turn-off for social media users and may alienate your followers and fans.
Bijou Venues
, a group of unique and wonderful properties that are available for exclusive hire for weddings and corporate events.
Behind The
We may work like machines...
At Truffle we thrive on turning conversations into customers and customers into advocates.
...but we are NOT robots.
Making the digital personal.
- Increased brand recognition and exposure leads to increase to website traffic and physical footfall

- Repeat exposure which cements your authority

- Creating good sentiment within your community leads to peer-to-peer referrals and word of mouth

- Establishing brand identity

- Strengthened influence
Our job as social media community managers is to manage the accounts of clients whose time is better spent doing what they do best.

Think of us as not-so-scary social
ghost writers...
Why is social media so important?
So the real question is:
Can you afford
to use social media for your business?
Did you know...
...We've got the formula.
Our status as one of the
UK's top social media management agencies
is made up of many factors but the main ingredients are...
Structure is at the core of our organisation. A strong internal structure means that efficiency is maximised, opportunities are not missed and full potential is achieved.
Each area has a team of
specialists dedicated
to seeing through

important it is for the tone

and voice of a company's
social media to be on brand. One thing that we do
consistently with every client, however, is our mission to:
The best way to show you how we implement our strategy is by taking a look at a client
case study
To establish
within the wedding community by positioning the brand as an industry leader at the premium end of the saturated market.

- Involve the brand in conversations with
other people regarding wedding-
. . .

related topics

- Grow the follower base
- Establish the group as an aspirational
lifestyle brand
- Engage with key wedding
publications and press,
encouraging inclusion of the brand in key features and articles.
Similarly to Twitter, we update our clients' Facebook pages regularly, however, because of the nature of this platform, it is far more effective working
Our ultimate aim is to:
- Increase likes
- Get people sharing
- Encourage comments
- Extend the reach
Instagram and Pinterest are great tools for anything with aesthetic value. Anyone who clicks on an image gets taken back to the original source of the post, driving customers back to the website and ultimately leads to an increase in sales.
We are big believers in
measuring impact
. At the end of each month we look at our analytics and supply an activity report that reflects the progress of our work.
We understand that these analytics can just seem like a bunch of numbers so we endeavour to provide some more
measurements in our reports. These include:

- Follower and fan growth
- Examples of the month's key conversations with followers, be they positive comments, enquiries or important mentions
- A word cloud showing what your followers are interested in and like to talk about
Social media
isn’t a fad
and it’s not going away.

Even if it’s not your top priority, if you stay current with activity, your prospective customers will notice.

If you don't get on top of it, it can be seen as showing a lack of interest in your customers, and while your
are actively conversing online, you may run the risk of losing business to them.
- Online customer service

- Retrieving consumer research and feedback

- Building a community with your followers and fans

- Improving search rankings and SEO

- Prospective press coverage

- Gaining competitive advantage
The main
of well run social media platforms are:
About Us.
We understand how
New social media platforms are popping up all the time; we make it our job to keep on top of these and ensure that our clients are using the right ones for their businesses.
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