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Mary Hausback


Amy Edwards

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Mary Hausback

Milkweed Characters Main Characters: Misha Pilsudski and Uri (Both Orphans)
Other Characters: Jackboots (Nazis)
Doctor Korczak
Stable Boys (Jews hiding from the Nazi police)
Janina (Mishas Friend, also Jew)
Uncle Shepsel (Janinas Uncle)
Mr. and Mrs. Milgrom (janinas parents) Setting The Setting Takes Place Warsaw, Poland During WWII. Plot Before The Nazis Began putting the Jews in the Ghetto Misha Lived on the streets. The Beginning of the book tells The life Jews had around when the holocaust had started. It Told how the Jackboots (a.k.a Nazis) Would Make the old men wash the sidewalks with there beards and make the Middle aged people Ride a horse backwards for miles with theres heads in the horses tail. Mary Hausback Summary This Book is From the prospective of an orphan boy During the Holocaust. It Describes the sights and the hardships that were involved for survival in the Holocaust. Misha Lived in the Ghetto The Ghetto was Surrounded by a wall that trapped the Jews in. Plot Cont. Misha wasnt a Jew he was a Gypsy. He spent his life before the Ghetto with Uri. They lived in a bombed down basement and their only Source of Food was abandoned grocery stores in which they stole what they needed. Even though life seemed hard Misha was Happy. Milkweed By: Jerry Spinelli Life in the Ghetto When Misha and Janina Got to the Ghetto the place was packed with people. They had starved them. Mr. and Mrs. Milgrom, Uncle Shepsel, Misha and Janina all had to sleep in one room with only one mattress and a table. Mrs. Milgrom was in deathly condition and had layed on the mattress for several days until she had died. Life in The Ghetto cont. After about a week of living in the Ghetto The Whole family was Covered with lice so bad that in the morning they would had fallen on there eyelashes in the night. On one night Misha went walking around the camp and found A Hole in the wall in which was trapping the jews in. He then began to, every night, Sneak out to get food for the family. Life in the Ghetto cont. The Merry Go round In the book a merry go around was put in the middle of the town. Misha thought it was so magical! He wanted to ride it so he asked the man for a ride but the man spit in his face and said "No you dirty jew!" all the woman and children around laughed at the boy and spit at him while the children all pushed and smacked him. Misha then ran home to Uri. That was the day Misha began to be aware of the events that were happening around him. On there way to the ghetto On there way to The ghetto, the streets were surrounded by Jackboots and a long line of Jews. The weather was cold and snowy. They had to walk Hundreds of miles and each person who stopped was shot on the spot. Misha could see the bloody bodies in the snow. The jackboots would walk right on them like they were the ground they walked on. After The Holocaust After the Holocaust Misha Begins to Learn English. When he got older hewent to America after the war and found his future wife while telling his story in the Holocaust. He gets married and his wife becomes pregnant but leaves Misha because of his unusual behaviour. Later on, his daugter who became 25 finds old Misha (now named Jack) with her daughter. After the Holocaust cont.
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