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The Tiger Rising

No description


on 4 May 2015

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Transcript of The Tiger Rising

Kentucky Star Motel, Lister, Florida: the place where Rob lives with his dad.
The forest beside Kentucky Star Motel: where Rob found the tiger.
The school in Lister: where Rob is in 6th grade.

Rob: a boy that found the tiger.(protagonist)
Sistine: a girl who wants to free the tiger and is also Rob's friend.
Willie May: The motel's housekeeper.
Rob's dad: Stopped Rob from crying about his mother and letting his feelings out. (antagonist)
The main conflict in this book is how Rob let his sadness and anger out. Sistine helps Rob to open his suitcase of feelings. Together, they set the tiger free from his cage. Although the tiger gets shot by his dad, the event lets Rob release all his locked up feelings.
Literary Devices
Symbolism: the tiger's cage. Represents keeping your feelings locked inside.
Simile: The tiger was "like staring at the sun itself, angry and trapped in a cage." The tiger was so bright it looked like the sun.
Metaphor: "It lit his rash on fire." The rash on his legs were hot and itchy.
Thank you
for listening!
Author: Kate DiCamillo

Genre: Fiction

Lexile level : 520L
The teacher suggest me to use this book to do the book report. At the first I feel very exited because of the tiger. At last I feel sad because the tiger died. I will rate this book 5 stars because the story is very emotional and interesting, and I will recommend it to anyone who likes sad stories. ㄨ
The Tiger Rising
presentation by: William Steer
The book resolves the main conflict and Rob ends the book much happier. He has one good friend and he wants to go back to school instead of running away from it.

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