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Mason Pichler

No description

mason pichler

on 14 December 2016

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Transcript of Mason Pichler

About Ghana
Thing to do in Ghana

By mason pichler
Accra, is the capital and is the most largest city in Ghana.
Ghana is in the west of african country. The estimated in the population of Ghana is 24,652,402 in 2012, there is 78 people per sq km. Unitary state is the government in Ghana
You can go to the Cape Coast Castle
Also you can go to the Kakum National Park.
You can also go to the Bojo Beach its a super nice beach.
Ghana's Festivals are really nice and colorful and it make everyone happy! Festivals help make people bond with each other also they help people be more confidence and hope for a good new Year.

List of National public holidays in Ghana 2016
New Years Bay is on January 1 they count down the days for the new year. Sunday march 6 Independence day they celebrate there incidences. And on Friday it good a good Friday they go out and hang out with there family and play ans stuff.
Ghana's Resources
Ghana's natural resources are gold, Diamond, Silver, Bauxite, Cocoa, Timber, Oil, Those are the Natural Resources.
Today's weather
The climate in Ghana is Tropical. But the temperate vary with the season Climate.
Ghana is a low land country. There are hills on the eastern borders. Also the sandy coastline is blocked by rivers and streams. they can be crossed by canoe.
Ghana land use
Culture land is 69.1 % land use and forest land use is 21.2% crops land use are 11.9% and pasture's are 36.5%
Breef history of Ghana
Ghana used to be called the Gold Coast it was changed the Ghana because it thought that the president day, ancestors were migrants from the ancient kingdom of Ghana. In the 1470 Portugese had arrived
Ghana profile timeline
In 1482 portuguese set up trading settlement.
In late 1400-mid1800's millions of west africans are captured and sent as slaves to the americans and Caribbeans
1925- first legislative councile elections take place.
Art about Ghana
The many peoples of Ghana create beautiful Kente cloth, brass, casting, stamped. Adinkra cloth used in funerals, stools carved of wood and royal arts.
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