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Daily Routine

No description

Jimmy Gaviria

on 14 August 2012

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Transcript of Daily Routine

Main Questions Tell me about your Daily routine  I study / work …
 First, I get up at …After,
 I have breakfast at … at home. Then,…
 I go to work / to University at …
 I come home at… I have lunch at ...
I go to work again at…
I come back home at …
I have dinner at…After that,…
I study at ... then, I surf the internet and later I watch TV at…
and finally , I go to bed at… What do you do in the morning?
What do you do in the afternoon?
What do you do in the evening? Dialogue: ask and answer about your typical day Specific questions

1. What time do you wake up?
2. What time do you get up?
What time do you make your bed?
3. What time do you have a shower?
4. What time do you comb your hair?
5. What time do you get dressed? 6. What time do you have breakfast?
7. What time do you brush your teeth?
8. What time do you go to work?
9. What time do you come home?
10. What time do you have lunch? 11. What time do you come back to work?
12. What time do you go to English class?
13. What time do you return home / come back home?
14. What time do you have dinner?
15. What time do you watch TV? 16. What time do you surf the internet?
17. What time do you study?
18. What time do you read?
19. What time do you go to bed? Daily routine Example John's Daily Routine.
His name is John Smith; he is a good student from England. His weekdays are very busy. Usually he gets up at eight o´clock and he takes a quick shower, gets dressed and combs his hair. At a quarter past eight he has breakfast with his mother. After breakfast he brushes his teeth and at twenty past eight he goes to school by bus. He arrives at school at a quarter to nine o’clock and his classes start at nine o’clock. He always has lunch in the school canteen at one o’clock P.M and his classes start again at twenty-five past two. He goes home at half past four. When he arrives home he has tea, does his homework and watches TV. Before dinner he plays computer games and sometimes he helps his mother. He always has dinner at eight o’clock with his family and at half past nine he goes to bed. Choose the correct option. 1. He gets up at ________
7 a.m. / 8 p.m. / 9 a.m. / 8 .a.m.

2. He ____________ has lunch at home.
Never/ sometimes / usually / always

3. He plays computer games. _____________ after arriving home.
Before lunch / before dinner / after dinner. Ask questions about John’s Daily Routine and answer them Example:

What time does he go to the bathroom?
He goes to the bathroom after he gets up at eight o’clock Marcela’s Daily life
First, I get up early at 7 o'clock in the morning. Then I make the bed. Next, I have a shower, and then I get dressed and also I makeup. After that, I have breakfast and brush my teeth. Next I do my housework.
Later, I have lunch. Then, I brush my teeth. After, I walk to the metro station, I take the metro, I arrive to the university, and I go to class. Later, I finish my class and I leave the university. After that, I take the metro and I arrive to the niquia station. Next I take the bus. Then, I get home, later, I have dinner and I brush my teeth, next I put my pyjama on. After that, I study for the next day, later I phone my parents. And finally, I go to bed.
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