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Our Eco Footprint

A look at the footprint we create through our daily living.

Stephen LoVerme

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Our Eco Footprint

Our Eco Footprint Our Reality We watch TV Drive cars Shop at the grocery store For food that travels hundreds of miles It's easy to lose touch with our natural
environment given our modern lives... But everything we use
comes from somewhere... Resources Electricity We all use it.
But where does
it come from? Most of our electricity
is made in power plants There are many ways to produce electricity, but a lot of it comes from burning something... usually COAL... The Power Plant has to be mined from the ground Coal it's harmfull to people and to the landscape burning coal pollutes the with air chemicals and CO2 forests are destroyed for paper, lumber and food
the trash we throw away ends up in a landfill... or in the ocean Solutions so what are we to do?
feel bad about ourselves? If we consume less, we
can reduce our footprint For instance, turn off the lights when you're
not in the room. Don't leave the TV on when
you're not watching. It's simple, common sense stuff.
This is where you come in. Make you own Prezi with
10 tips to go greener at home!
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