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Copy of Elementary Virginia Reader's Choice for 2016-17

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Karen Scott

on 14 August 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Elementary Virginia Reader's Choice for 2016-17

Dash was the best dog ever but had to be left behind when the family is forced to move
What would you do if you came upon a lion?
Elementary Virginia Reader's Choice for 2016-17
Virginia Readers' Choice is an annual program run by librarians and teachers in the state. The committee members read hundreds of books every year and only pass on the best to you. The
list is released with 10 titles in each of 4 categories: primary, elementary, middle, and high school.
What is it?
A non-fiction title about the life of Pedro Martinez who's trip to the Boston Red Sox was different than most.
The Fourteenth Goldfish
Jack Strong Takes a Stand
Map Trap
Nuts to You
Two pranksters. One lives in town, one moves there. Will they work together to pull the world's biggest prank or will they constantly compete? Its likely to lead to trouble for them both.
Read 5 titles and earn the right to vote on your favorite. 3rd, 4th and 5th graders who vote will be invited to share brownies in the library.

You can escape with these stories
Ellie loves science, her parents love theater. One day, her mom brings home a teenage boy to live with them and he acts a bit weird. Come to find out he is Ellie's grandfather who has discovered the secret to the fountain of youth, but his colleagues have kicked him out. With the help of Ellie and some new friends he will have to work to let the world know about the discovery.
Growing Up Pedro
Jack is stretched to his limit with activities planned for him by his parents,on top of school. Until one day when Jack decides that he absolutely WILL NOT leave the couch.
Alton has always loved maps, he makes maps of everything and it keeps him alienated from making friends. Until one day, when he shows his maps to a new friend and then the maps go missing. Maps of people's brains, maps of places people visit, maps of peoples groups of friends. Some will be upset. Will they be found before havoc reigns?
Mr. Ferris and his Wheel
Enjoy this non-fiction story to find out where the idea grew for the first Ferris wheel.
Squirrels have adventures too in finding ways to survive in the forest. Some are more daring and reach to find new things. Will this adventure separate friends, families?
Terrible Two
The Turtle of Oman
Follow Aref as he says goodbye to everything and everyone that he loves as his family prepares to move from Muscat, Oman to Ann Arbor, Michigan
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