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Unit 1 - Develop effective communication in health and socia


Maria Stadnicka

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of Unit 1 - Develop effective communication in health and socia

Unit 1 - Develop effective communication in health and social care
Today's aims:
1. Unit introduction
2. Define communication
3. Identify and analyse different types of communication
4. Review elements of effective communication
Unit 1- Develop Effective Communication
Define effective communication and interpersonal interaction.

Analyse factors which influence communication and interpersonal interactions in health and social care.

Know how patients and service users may be assisted by effective communication.

Demonstrate your own communication skills in a caring role.

What is effective communication?
Watch the video and analyse how effective the communication is.
What is communication?
Split in 3 groups.
Watch the video and then in your group:
a. define communication
b. give examples of types of communication you identify in the clip.
Effective communication uses all 5 senses
visual, audio, olfactory, Kinesthetic, gustatory
session 1
Effective communication in health and social care
how can communication be effective?
Can you follow instructions?

3 minutes exercise!
Communication is...
Types of communication
non verbal

Communication cycle:
- ideas occur;
- message coded;
- message sent;
- message received;
- message decoded;
- message understood
David Kolb (1984) learning style: watch, listen, see, do, think
Multiple intelligence (7)- Howard Gardner 1982
post it notes!
stick them on the wall!

feedback forms....
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