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7th Grade ELA-Making Inferences

Reading between the lines

Anna Cassidy

on 29 March 2015

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Transcript of 7th Grade ELA-Making Inferences

Reading Between the Lines
Inferences are a combination of what the text
us and what we bring to the text through our
prior experiences
and background. When we make an inference, we come up with a
new idea
What does it mean to infer?
do we infer?
• First, I think about what the author says about the topic.
•Then, I think about what I already know about the topic.
• Finally, I tie them together to figure out what I need to know.
And out comes my.....
Sometimes we have to make inferences because the author does not say everything we need in order to understand the text so we have to figure it out ourselves!
We inference when we want to understand important ideas.
When & Why Should I use It?
Let's give it a try
I can infer that...
One chore he has to do is take out the recycling.
If James does one chore every day of the week he can make $7.
James must be happy because he is smiling.
Vivian looked out the window when she woke up. It was not sunny. She was excited to wear her new boots!
You can infer...
It is morning.
It is raining.
She is going out in the rain.
She likes to go out in the rain.
What Am I?
A Taste of a Good Life
Arden Davidson
A Taste of the Good Life
- Arden Davidson
My most admirable quality is
I have fantastic taste.
That is, until some little kid,
decides to dine on paste.

When I'm quiet people always ask
if a cat's got ahold of me.
But that's silly - most cat's have their own...
they don't need two or three.

Selling seashells by the seashore
often makes me rather twisted.
But give me a pickled pepper
and I simply can't resist it.

When I take a trip to the candy store
life's at its very best.
But when I go to the doctor,
I always get depressed.
Do Now:

What does it mean to infer?

"When the hallways are empty Miss Cassidy
that the students are in class."

I know...
A man is driving his son to school. On the way they get into an accident and the man dies. The son is rushed to the hospital and when he arrives for emergency surgery the doctor says "I can't operate on this boy, he's my son!"

How is this possible?
Example 2
“Each time I see the Upside-Down Man
Standing in the water,
I look at him and start to laugh,
Although I shouldn't oughtter.
For maybe in another world
Another time
Another town,
Maybe HE is right side up
And I am upside down”
by: Shel Silverstein

Who is the Upside-Down Man?
How can I make inferences when reading
The Diary of Anne Frank
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