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Why is the sky blue and the sunsets red?

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Courtney Morton

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Why is the sky blue and the sunsets red?

by Malaishia Carson and Courtney Morton
So whats the real answer???
Why is the sky blue?
Well first...let's figure out what other people think.........
Let's take a closer look!
When the sun is high the blue light is scattered
Other possible sources

A mixture of gas molecules and other materials surrounding the earth
(we call this the atmosphere).

nitrogen (78%)
oxygen (21%)
argon gas and water sunlight (1%)
The intelligent people of Avondale...
So how do these gases make the sky blue?
As light passes through the atmosphere the longer wavelengths of light get absorbed and the shorter wavelengths like blue get scattered by gas.

Just like the color diagram we did online, only certain colors of white light shine through. Some will be absorbed and others will be transmitted.
First, lets figure out what exactly is the sky made up of...
So why is the sunset red?
To answer this question, lets reflect on why the sky is blue...
The sky is blue because the gases in the air absorb certain particles. Because the blue light is the shortest length, it is scattered in the air while the other colors are absorbed
Red and yellow are longer wavelengths so when the sun goes down, those are the colors your eyes see.
So how does this affect sunsets?
Other possible sources
So what colors are longer than others??
As you remember...
...maybe this will help you understand it more
Some nice pictures...ya know
So basically, this picture sums everything up. That's all.
Okay that's all have a nice day.
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