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Investigatory Project

No description

Yannah Delos Reyes

on 17 February 2013

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Transcript of Investigatory Project

There are many different types of liquid hand soaps to be found. They come in various colors, textures and scents and perform a variety of functions in addition to cleansing. Soaps with aloe vera soothe chapped skin. Moisturizing soaps preserve skin texture. Fragrance soaps offer aromatherapy. Some feel like luxurious hand creams. Others offer microderm abrasion for removal of dead skin cells. Some improve skin quality. Some turn from liquid to foam. Others come in bright colors that make using them fun for children. Dozens of new soap versions hit the shelves each year to be quickly scooped up by consumers who love what the products offer. The liquid hand soap market continues to expand as manufacturers identify new ingredients that can be added to the product in response to a customer need. One of the latest trends has soap products moving into green areas, using organic products that are safe for both the environment and the consumer. Chapter 2- Methodology Chapter 4 4.2 Recommendation Chapter 1- Introduction 1.1 Background of the Study SAMPLE SURVEY 4.1 Conclusion In order for us to earn a lot of profit when we sell our product, (Liquid Hand soap) we should have a colorful and appealing container and also we should put some of the advantages in using our product, we should also try to provide a tester so that when people try it and if they are satisfied with the effect of the product they might buy it as well, and also we must have an attractive and colorful labeling because many of the consumers are attracted in the physical appearance of the products. And we should also put these following instructions like: Ingredients that we use, some cautions, Manufacturing date, and most importantly the expiration date at the back Part of the product. An Investigatory
Project in
Science II 1.2 Statement of the Problem 1.6 Review of Related Literature Chapter 3- Results and Discussion We therefore conclude that some of our schoolmates, who answered our survey regarding our product which is Liquid Hand soap, were satisfied with our product. The materials that we used are not that expensive and you can buy or found it in a sari-sari store near you because we only use simple and specific ingredients in order for us to make our own Liquid Hand soap: a cup of cold and hot water, a bar of soap, a knife, mortar and pestle, and an empty soap dispenser. With all of these materials we can easily make our own Liquid hand soap, and it is easy to make one by following the steps and procedure. And also, our product could help our parents in saving money because instead of buying branded and expensive soaps, we can make our own liquid hand soap from scratch or unused bar soaps. e are super intrigued when we came across to the idea of using a bar of soap to create liquid hand soap. We also conclude that the cost savings that we had were incredible – you could make the hand soap at more than a 90% savings depending on what kind of bar soap you use. The recipe is simple, and easy to follow, and produces enough to last for months. It’s easy to use and will not strip the skin’s natural oils, making it perfect for every day hand washing. 2.1 Materials/ Equipments 3.3 Pictures with Caption By: Group 1 In the history of soap, liquid hand soap is a relatively modern invention. Liquid Hand Soap is an effective cleaner and gentle to the skin as well.
Liquid soap is dispensed hygienically in economical, measured doses from sturdy and leak-free units. This long-lasting hand hygiene solution helps ensure a constant level of service is provided, while the non-drip valve ensures a clean and tidy washbasin is maintained.
Liquid soap is a very popular choice among a lot of individuals. Although liquid-soaps are effective in getting rid of dirt and germs, they have been said to damage the skin. Let's take a look at why.
This happens because certain liquid-soaps remove skin moisture when washing hands with them. Some people who are beauty conscious have done research on various brands which contain additional moisturizing agents that benefits to the skins vibrance but still contain germ elimination. General Objectives - To produce the liquid hand soap out of an ordinary bar soap.
- To find out possible effect of liquid hand soap on the skin. Specific Objectives - Does liquid hand soap work better than ordinary bar soap?
- Is there a significant effect of using this kind of liquid hand soap? 1.3 Hypothesis of the Study We think that if we use liquid hand soaps than ordinary bar soaps, it will be more effective and easy to use and will not strip the skin’s natural oils, making it perfect for every day hand washing, and produces enough to last for months. 1.4 Significance of the Study This investigatory project is important in order for us to know whether or not liquid hand soaps are more effective than ordinary bar soaps. 1.5 Scope and Limitation This investigatory project is limited only on the effect of liquid hand soap than an ordinary bar soap as a cleaning agent for the skin. This is to determine the effectiveness of liquid hand soap to our skin. It does not involve comparison between our own liquid hand soap and the commercial one as an ordinary bar soap. Regular liquid hands soaps are better than bar soaps since you aren't touching the soap. They come in different colors and fragrances also. Since the appearance of the new foam liquid soaps they are even better than the ordinary liquid soaps due to the additional moisturizing effect.Another property found in new lines of soap is aloe vera, which naturally repairs chapped skin. Various brands have this component because of the positive effects on the skin.Dove is a real moisturising soap, which is very very safe for the delicate skin or for the dry skin. The dove soap is totally chemical free and is very gentle on the skin. This soap is very much suitable for the winter seasons.I also use it on my children. And I have 3 little children and all of them use the Dove soap, but still their skin is baby soft and very much healthy.The main advantage of using this soap is that it is totally chemical free soap. The cost of this soap is a big more but gives complete satisfaction after using it. - 1 tbsp. Honey
- 1 tspn. Glycerin
- 1 cup of boiling water
- cold water
- Soap (Dove)
- Measuring cup
- Mortar and Pestle
- Beaker
- Stirring Rod
- Funnel
- Bottle/Container
- knife 2.2 General Procedure 1. Gather the material/equipments to be used.
2. Pound the soap using the mortar and pestle.
3. Add/Put it in a container.
4. Add 1 cup of boiling water
5. Stir it.
6. Add 1 tbsp of honey
7. Add 1 tspn of glycerin
8. Mix the ingredients altogether.
9. Let it cool for about 15-20 minutes.
10. Stir it again.
11. Add a cold water to make it to 6 cups. Stir.
12. Transfer the product in a clean and attractive container with the use of funnel. SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Analysis and Threats)
After we filtered the feedbacks based on the people who tested our sample product, here are the comments:
1.) 10/10 (Ten out of Ten) enjoys the way it produce more bubbles and smoothens their skin as well.
2.) 9/10 (Nine out of ten) thinks that it cleanse their hands only as suggested for bacteria free-solution.
3.) 8/10 (Eight out of ten) liked the fragrance of the liquid hand wash.
4.) 7/10 (Seven out of ten) says that the hand wash moisturizes, stay longer and lathers their hands after used.
5.) 6/10 (Six out of ten) got impressed of its packaging…..so, attractive! While the other 4(four) said that; I needs a little more improvement. 3.1 Findings 3.2 Analysis of the Team: *STRENGTH: Positive Feedback received after the product testing, No side effect.
*WEAKNESS: Need to study its yield and Precaution to undertake on its usages. (Example: Chemical content of the hand wash as our expertise in this line of experiment is limited.)
*OPPORTUNITY: After testing, potential of can turn in to business.
*THREATS: >Due to competitive market, we need to conceptualize and focus on a good packaging that can attracts more potential market in line with liquid hand wash.
> Animal-testing is needed to ensure, 100% safety! ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We would like to thank the following people:
FIRSTLY, to our mom and dad, for their continued support and assistance in finishing this investigatory
SECONDLY, to our classmates and friends, for their help and contribution in making this investigatory project
THIRDLY, To Our God Almighty Father, who gave us knowledge and strength for this Investigatory Project and throughout Him nothing is impossible. BIBLIOGRAPHY -http://www.ithoughtiknewmama.com/2011/03/growing-greener-best-natural-liquid-hand-soap/
-http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/article/0,,1089119,00.html THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!! :) The picture shows our product,
which is a liquid hand soap. The picture shows the equipments used
during our product making. The picture shows our product name and
it's logo. Our liquid hand soap is entitled,
"Parfum De Amour" which means 'Scent of Love'.
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