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Mia hahn

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of 1880-1920

Twenty three million immigrants came to the United States.
Many were escaping from poverty. Many did not speak English, but they all had one thing in common. They knew America would be a much better life for them. they all saw the statue of liberty as a sign of freedom.
Most of the immigrants were very poor! They had to send each other separately. Usually the father would go first.
After the father found a job and got enough money, he
sends the money to the rest of the family.
They would stay in small apartments called tenements. Each apartments had only three rooms; a living room (called a front room), a kitchen, and a tiny bedroom. Until 1905 there were not bathrooms anywhere inside the building. They also did not have any electricity until 1918.

Immigrant families lived more in poverty than US families.
Immigrant children have "risk factors". Some risk factors are coming from a poor background, or they have no one to talk to because you do not speak the language, it can also be you are raised by a single parent. It is much, much worst to have two or more risk factors than one. US citizens are less likley to get two than one.
Dobrý den, jsem z České republiky.
hello, Im
Schools that children who are immigrants or color have less resources and the teacher teaching them has low expectations for them. They basically teach them on a very low level. When they come into school they are very happy. By the time they got to middle school to high school they were no longer interested. Their attitude to the teachers were very negative.
When the US had families that are poor the support that the country gives is that they can have jobs and take care of their children. If you are here legally you can get close to the same provision as an American. In 1996 through 2001, they stopped giving to immigrants.
Once you are born in America you are a citizen even if your parents are not. Then you are aloud to get the benefit that came before 1996. Some kids are living in home with some family members who are and who are not.
The immigrants that come from a military state are given more privileges. They are treated more like a US citizen. They are given a lot more benefits.
I want to hire you for a job!
Altogether America is a land of freedom and opportunity.
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