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Unit 2: Lesson 2 Purpose of Government

No description

Steph Gorges

on 3 October 2011

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Transcript of Unit 2: Lesson 2 Purpose of Government

What is the purpose
of government? Mayflower Ship that sailed
from England in 1620 Landed off Massachusetts Puritans looking for:
Religious freedom Mayflower Compact:
Signed agreement by Puritans MAKE and OBEY
just & equal laws Significance:
Step towards self government -
most of the world had to obey laws
made without their consent Monarchy Single ruler with title of KING or QUEEN Hereditary rule:
Passed down through FAMILY Traditional absolute monarchs believed they received their power from a higher power and had absolute powers over laws and punishments Republic Government where
are elected to make laws. Protect individual rights
& the rights of the minority Democracy Government where people have
equal access to decision making
and MAJORITY vote wins. Freedom &
democracy: DIRECT
democracy: What is the purpose
of government? Protect people's rights Colonial America Mercantilism:
Increasing POWER & WEALTH
for mother country 13 Charter: document that gave colonies their power COLONIAL
GOVERNOR Example: Ancient Rome Why did the Puritans come to America?

What type of government elects people to make the laws?

What type of government is based upon a king or queen and is passed down through a family?

What was the relationship between England and the American colonies?

FLIP OVER: What part of today's class was confusing for you? What questions do you have?
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