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Gift for A Sweetheart | Ester Lucero | Interminable Life

The Stories of Eva Luna

steffanie tan

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Gift for A Sweetheart | Ester Lucero | Interminable Life

The Stories of Eva Luna Interminable life | Ester Lucero | Gift For A Sweetheart Ester Lucero Interminable Life Gift For A Sweetheart Angel doesn't perform the healing tribal dance with the expectation of love in return, he just wants and needs to see Ester live. Magical Realism Love being the esscence of life Horacio showers Patricia with gift after gift, hoping that one will impress her enough for her to accept him although none do work but his last gift of laughter. So determined to have her love that he's almost consumed by the idea of her and it. Love becomes the essence of life, everything else simply doesn't compare. Begins with,'There are all kinds of stories, some are born with the telling; their substance a language...' Themes: Magical elements that blend in with the reality of the stories.
Adds an enchanting and betwitching athmosphere to it.
Seen throughout all three stories. To do anything and everything for their person of affection.
Seen throughout all three stories especially in Ester Lucero when Angel goes to extreme lengths to save her. Explores the idea that love is made up of more than expensive gifts, status or fame which is also seen in Interminable life.
His love is so strong that he could only ever feel such affection towards Ester. The story leaves you with a melancholy and doleful feeling knowing that Angel never married, or never found anyone who he could feel the same love for. The introduction is preparing us for something magical and rare. When Roberto asks this unforgettable question, 'Please...Help me die' to Eva Luna, no words can really describe the colossal ask that this is.

It then leaves us questioning the power of love, what it really is and what it can make us do. Roberto decides upon the mercy killing of his own wife. Roberto shows true love and devotion here as he stares death in the face and refuses the sepeartion between his most beloved and himself. Thank you :)
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