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charn dhillon

on 8 August 2017

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Transcript of Thailand

Imports and Exports
Thai consumers are very price conscious. Less than half of Thai consumers report buying based on brand-name recognition and first time buyers often buy on price.  Consumers are often offered free gifts or extra options with their purchases. Midnight sales and one-off promotions have proven to be quite successful.
About Thailand
Thailand formerly known as Siam,
opened to foreign contact in the pre-industrial era.

Population is 68.86 million (2016)

Nominal GDP is $404.8 billion USD
GDP per capita is $1.108 Trillion USD

Labor force is 39.41 million
Unemployment is 0.9%

Social Media
Thailand remains in the top 10 worldwide for social media
Sales Promotion and Advertising
Thailand is the 20th largest export economy in the world and the 21st most complex economy
Exported $231B and imported $190B
trade balance of $40.6B.

Ad spending on digital media will likely reach more than US$30 million in 2017, increase of 22 percent from last year.
Currently, 75% of Thai households are able to access satellite/cable TV while the rest are using antennas. 
It is expected that satellite/cable TV networks will cover 85 percent of the nation within the next five years.

0-14 years: 17.18% (male 6,000,434/female 5,714,464)
15-24 years: 14.47% (male 5,030,930/female 4,839,931)
25-54 years: 46.5% (male 15,678,250/female 16,038,155)
55-64 years: 11.64% (male 3,728,028/female 4,208,624)
65 years and over: 10.21% (male 3,047,938/female 3,914,070) (2016 est.)
Age Structure
Marketing 3300
Charn Dhillon
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