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No description

Paul Simpson

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of Germs

Germs, Health & Hygiene
Paul - Jolyon & Matilda's Dad
Clean hands are healthy

- Reduces the spread of disease

- Less cold & flu

- In developing countries you grow taller if you have access to water & soap
- A single cell life form
- Can feed on bacteria
- Example - Malaria
A very simple plant-like cell

Can live in the skin
Normally bigger than viruses

Come in many shapes & sizes, some have tails to help swim

Can replicate, multiple & live virtual anywhere
Viruses are are the smallest

They are parasites they can only replicate inside other cells
What is a germ?
- Germs or micro-organism are living things we can't see with the naked eyes
- We need a microscope. Types of micro-organisms:
* Viruses
* Bacteria
* Fungus
* Protozoa

How many cells make up our Bodies?
Most germs good,
some are bad
- Good bacteria help protect parts of the body

- Bad germs can be passed by sneezing or cough

- On hands
Germs on Hands
Population Ocean Grove
13,000 people
Population of Australia
23,000,000 (23 million)
Number of Cells that make up a Human
100 trillion = 100 million, billion
Number of Bacteria Cells on or in a human
- 90 trillion = 90 million, billion

- 90% of all cells on or in a human are microbes!!
How to clean your hands
Soap - works fatty acid one end hydrophillic the other lipophillic

Hand rub - alcohol breakdown the cell wall & drys bacteria out
- Multicellular
- Examples - tapeworms
Population of Earth
7 billion people = 7,000,000,000
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