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The Davidic Covenant

No description

Caroline Harvey

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of The Davidic Covenant

Covenantal Features
7 primary features and 3 secondary features
David becomes king...
and moves the capital to Jerusalem.
Instead, God establishes a covenant with David.
The prophet Nathan helps David understand God's will.
Who was David?
3 Secondary Features
Other important elements of this covenant:
Queen Mother: the mother, not the wife, sat next to the king and had authority;
Prime Minister: given the keys to the kingdom and had the king's authority; chief of the king's servants;
Thank offering: sacrifice of thanksgiving that became the primary liturgy celebrated at the Temple rather than the sin offering.
Connections to Christ
All of the features of the Davidic covenant are completely fulfilled in Christ.
Some examples include:
Thank offering: Eucharist
Prime Minister: Peter (pope) and the apostles (bishops)
Queen Mother: Blessed Mother
Temple: Jesus (and the entire Body of Christ)
Unlimited: Jesus' kingdom has no end
7 Primary Features
Promises God made to David within this covenant:
Kingdom: David's line will have great kings
Dynasty: his whole family will be blessed
God's own son: David will be God's adopted son
Unlimited: the covenant will not be limited by time or space
Jerusalem: this city will become the spiritual center of the world
Temple: the sign of the covenant and the place for worship
Wisdom: the new law of the Davidic covenant
The Davidic Covenant
He brings the Ark of the Covenant with him and asks God if he can build him a better home.
A man after God's own heart;
Killed Goliath;
Played the harp and wrote many psalms (even for Saul, who hated him and wanted him dead);
Became king after Saul died;
Sinned with Bathsheba by killing her husband in order to sleep with her.
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