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IT Procurement and Tendering Systems

No description

wei ming lee

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of IT Procurement and Tendering Systems

IT Procurement and Tendering Systems
Smart IT System
Phoebe Yu 309161703
Llewellyn Griffith 309207592
Wei Ming Lee 310081645
ShuZhuang Chen 311009468
Zhang Shi 311006248
Won Il Lee 306121409
Isaac Kim 309257891

Managed by a division of NSW Department of Finance and Services
A directory of current opportunities to sell to the Government
Selling to Government = complex process
Redirects users to other Govt systems, e.g. NSW eTendering

NSW eTendering
- NSW Government agencies can advertise upcoming, current and closed business opportunities
- Proposed/Current/Closed Tenders; Contracts Awarded, Standing Offer Notices

Tenders (Open or Selective)
Search Result display: close date & time, agency, category, brief description, location, RFT type
My eTendering Activities - records & tracks user’s activities after log in
Social Media

Work Flow
Business Process
Comparison between existing IT systems
3 product online hosted module system
Established in 2000 with 125,000 independant users.
eBid eXchange
PreCon and

Customizable interface to effectively capture and manage data
Vendor, Bid and Contract management tools
Private and secure web portal
No software to install and maintain
Costed to small and mid-sized business

Australian based and owned tender notification, tender response and tender advertising specialist.
Cloud based, on-demand software for eProcurement and eTendering
Interpret and classify all tenders, examine tenders for relevancy to a client’s industry and then issue tender notifications.
Provide very thorough assistance packages, aimed to provide professional advice and services for every aspect of tender documentation and realisation.
Offer a management service to meet a range of business types
Appears to be aimed more at smaller business or business inexperienced with tenders, although highest relative cost of all Tender options.

(e.g. sub-contractor)
(e.g. head contractor)
Designed to streamline the procurement and tendering process.
Online, cloud-based server which enables access in the field on any network device, such as, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Features include:
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