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No description

Niame Traore

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Se7en

diagnosed Mills with a minute case of ADHD
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a problem of not being able to focus, being overactive, not being able control behavior, or a combination of these.
Behavior which does not have a rational basis

What Happens in the Movie?
Movie Synopsis
Psychological Disorder
A harmful dysfunction in which thoughts, feelings, or behaviors are
, and
. (MUDA)

Character Analysis
Character Diagnosis

Wrapping it Up
Theresa "Tracy" Mills
(Gwyneth Paltrow)
John Doe
(Kevin Spacey)
Detective William Somerset
(Morgan Freeman)
Detective David Mills
(Brad Pitt)
David Mills (Pitt) and William Somerset (Freeman) are police homicide detectives working in a crime-ridden big city. They join forces to desperately hunt for a serial killer who justifies his crimes as absolution for the world's ignorance of the Seven Deadly Sins

The newly-transferred Mills and the soon-to-retire Somerset become deeply involved in the case of a sadistic serial killer named John Doe. Each of Doe's carefully planned murder corresponds to one of the seven deadly sins of Catholicism: gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, pride, lust, and envy.

Little by little, the two detectives become part of his plan without even knowing it.
5 Year Detective

Married to high school sweetheart, Tracy

aggressive and witty
Devoted wife to Detective David Mills

Formerly a 5th grade teacher

Lonely in the new, chaotic city

Hides Pregnancy from Mills
John Doe

True identity is unknown

Very sly and meticulous

Serial kill who chooses his victims according to the
Deadly Sins
Se7en (1995)
By:Niame Traore
Veteran detective

One week away from retirement

Quiet and observant

Very intellectual

First Murder

There was an obese man,who lives alone, ate until his death by force.
Hands and Feet were bonded
Second Murder
Defense lawyer is killed in his office.The murderer roped one of the lawyer's hand and gave him a butcher knife.Then the murderer commanded the lawyer to cut his body. As a result, lawyer died from the loss of blood.
Later on the attorney's wife helps them find another clue left by the serial killer.
Scale of Justice
Third Murder
One year
Child molester and drug dealer
Given a choice
At this point, they think they found the murderer's finger prints from the last murder case.Unfortunately, when they come upon the third sinner, he was lying in bed at the point of death.They return empty handed.

Fourth Murder
John Doe forces a man to forced rape a prostitute using a knife.
Fifth Murder
The next victim is a model
Doe's gives her choice to stay alive and be disfigured, or die by gluing pills on one hand & the phone to her other hands. He says she can either kill herself or call for help. She calls for helo and he skinned her face and cuts off her nose.
Request of the Murderer
John Doe states that there are two more bodies left. The only way the police will find the bodies, if Mills and Somerset personally escort John Doe to where he placed the bodies (Doe wants to get the detectives, alone because it is all part of his plan). He blackmails the Police and states, if his request is not accepted, he will plead insanity and get away with the murders. So the detectives have no choice but to accept his request.
Sixth Murder
John Doe
Tracy Mills
"Playing husband"
In that moment, we learn that Doe confesses that he envied Tracy (Mill's Wife) and so he pretended to "play husband" but he couldn't do it (be normal). So, he amputated her head. And paid a mailman to deliver the package to the location. He is sixth sinner (envy).
Doe also confesses that Tracy begged him for the baby.Mills learns about her pregnancy but it's late.

Seventh Murder
Character Shift
Mills shoots Doe, which makes him the seventh sinner who cannot control his anger.

An exaggeration of normal, acceptable behaviors
Destructive to oneself or others
A behavior which is troublesome to other people


A behavior so different from other people’s behavior that it violates a norm

David Mills
John Doe
destructive to himself and others b/c he's very aggressive and impulsive
sometimes he doesn't think before he acts

B/c of his impulsive acts, sometimes he leads himself and his partner Somerset into danger.


he doesn't have a filter, is quick to react, constantly angry attitude
he believes it's okay to kill others b/c they are sinners
he believes he is chosen to kill the sinners

He constantly murders others which is troublesome to the people around him


he believes it is just to brutally kill others
John Doe
Two detectives meet for the first time and are placed on the same murder case.
7 Deadly Sins
Detective Somerset realizes the two homicides are connected. He states the homicides are relevant with Deadly Sins.
Trying to Find Connection
Dectective Somerset goes to the library to learn more about the seven deadly sins.
Meanwhile Tracy(Mill's Wife) invites Somerset to dinner one night. Tracy is new in the big city and is really lonely. She gets acquainted with Detective Somerset.
Tracy and Somerset
Later in the movie Tracy confines in Somerset about her pregnacy.Tracy wants advice from her only friend, Somerset about what she should do with the baby. Detective Mills has no idea about the meeting or the baby.
Heading out After Murderer
Somerset meets with his friend from the FBI, in order to get information. He wanted a list of the people who read any book related to the 7 Deadly Sins. Apparently this is illegal because it is a violation of the Constitutional Law. So they hold the meeting in clandestine. He gets the list in an hour. And find out the murder's name is John Doe.
Found the Murderer, John Doe
The detectives go to John's Doe house in order to question him. However, no one is home. Until they see a man, come up the stairs. The man start's shooting at them, realizing they were cops. This leads the detectives to believe they found the murder. So Mills chase after him, but unfortunately he couldn't catch him. Mills illegally breaks into the murderer's house and starts searching. They realize that the murderer is photographer, John Doe. Detectives find next victim's photos. At the same time John calls them and says congratulates them for their nice job.
The Murderer Surrenders
John Doe surrenders! He comes to the police station covered in blood. After investigation polices just learn he is rich and well-educated. Polices understand why they cannot find Doe's fingerprints of the murderer because he skins his finger tips.
The Desert
John Doe leads Somerset and Mills to a desert like place, but there is no body around.
Tracy's Head
A postman arrives. John Doe paid a postman to deliver a package at 7pm. When Somerset stops him,he said that he has a package for Mills.When Somerset opens the box he sees Tracy's head.
Mills Realizes Everything
Doe confesses that he envied Mill's life. So he raped Tracy and amputated her head. Doe also confesses that Tracy begged him for the baby. Mills learns about her pregnancy but it is too late. .Somerset wants him to calm down, but Mills is too angry.
Movie ends after Mills gets arrested.
David Mills
What are the symptoms of ADHD/ ADD?

There are three different categories of ADHD symptoms: inattention, hyperactivity, impulsiveness.

Symptoms portrayed by Mills in the Movie:

Always being 'on the go'
Difficulty awaiting one's turn
Difficulty paying attention to details
Tendency to make careless mistakes
Frequently interrupting ongoing tasks
Difficulty awaiting one's turn
Frequently interrupting or intruding on others

Examples of Mills portraying ADHD

Throughout the movie, Mills shows many signs of aggression:

Scene: 1: 02:31- 1:04:00
Mills shows signs of impatience. He is quick to jump to conclusions.
Scene: 53:00- 55:00
The detectives are so close to finding John Doe. Unfortunately, there is another dead end. Instead of stepping back and assessing the situation; Mills allows his emotions to get the best of him and assaults a "paparazzi".
Scene 1:12:10- 1:14:20
He goes in pursuit of the killer alone which puts his life in danger and he almost dies
Scene 1:15:03- 1:16:02
Mills breaks into John Doe's apartment illegally without a warrant because he was angry
Scene 1:58:20- 2:00:00
He learns the truth about everything and kills John Doe.

diagnosed John Doe with APD

Antisocial Personality Disorder (APD)
Antisocial Personality Disorder is a personality disorder in which the person (usually a male) shows a lack of conscience for wrongdoing and a lack of respect for the rights others.

Also known as psychopathic or sociopath personality disorder
John Doe
What are the symptoms of Antisocial Personality Disorder?

Antisocial personality disorder is diagnosed based on a psychological evaluation that assesses the history and severity of symptoms. To be diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder, a person must have had conduct disorder during childhood.

Unfortunately in the movie, there is no evidence as to how he develops APD

However Symptoms portrayed by Doe in the Movie includes:
Break the law repeatedly
Disregard the safety of self and others
Not show guilt or remorse
Disregard for right and wrong
Persistent lying or deceit to exploit others
Repeatedly violating the rights of others by the use of intimidation, dishonesty and misrepresentation
Failure to learn from the negative consequences of behavior

More Examples of Doe portraying ADHD

Throughout the movie, Doe shows many symptoms of APD:

Note: Psychopaths are not insane -- they do know right from wrong.

In the end of the movie, He explains the reasons behind his killings
Hollywood Appeal
Film does not leave you with the understanding that killing is good, but that we must rethink our relationship to evil
Recurring Theme in Popular Culture: Violence as a Solution to Evil (i.e. Boondock Saints, Kick Ass, The Matrix)
Similar Theme in Se7en: Who is innocent? Who is evil?
Biblical Symbolism
Seven days of creation
Desert (Mill's Tempted)
Death of Gluttony
Foreshadow to Greed

"The world is a fine place and worth fighting for. I agree with the second part."
-Detective Somerset
Se7en portrays the message that sin is everywhere and all people have an innate sense of evil through symbolism, tone established through the setting, and the characters.

The film is seemingly about "men who are unable to connect with the reality around them" hence John Doe. In fact, the movie is about the monster within every person. We are not left with the feeling of being scared of a killer, but scared of what we are capable of doing when faced with a choice that will pull our morality into question.
Move Setting
Constant rain
Dark landscape of the city
Dark rooms; decent into hell
Cyclical Pattern of Evil
Sympathy for the killer, not always the victims
Human capacity for sin and evil
Individuals are not the problem

Se7en versus Seven Heavenly Virtues
Seven Deadly Sins
Seven Heavenly Virtues
Conclusion of Mills ADHD Diagnosis

Mills inability to control his behavior causes him to feed of his emotions and constantly be angry

He is very impulsive, constantly using bad language.

Mill's anger becomes his undoing towards the end of the movie.
Because he was unable to control his anger, his wrath compelled him to make an impulsive decision that ended the life of someone else.

Conclusion of John Doe's APD

John Doe, a serial killer who kills his victims in accordance to their sinful lives by incorporating his own ironic twists on the seven deadly sins.

John Doe has no sense of morals and religion

John Doe has no identity

From Doe's death we are able to recognize that it truly was not his presence that was horrifying, because his death proved to be inadequate in relinquishing the horror that still persisted in the film. He is not the single enemy, and destroying him does not restore good to the world.

Mills kills Doe at the end, we are not left with a feeling of satisfaction that justice has been served and the good guys got their man. We are instead left with a feeling of dread, loss, anxiety, and horror. Killing Doe does not solve anything because evil still exists. Doe is dead, but he still won.

Examples of John Doe's APD

John Doe, a serial killer who kills his victims in accordance to their sinful lives by incorporating his own ironic twists on the seven deadly sins.

John Doe has no sense of morals and religion

John Doe has no identity

Scene 1:34:50- 1:35:44
He surrenders himself to the cops showing that although he has turn himself in. He is not remorseful.

Scene 1:42: 30- 1:45:00
Who is John Doe?

Scene 1:52:00- till end
John Doe's plan comes into effect.

Antisocial Personality Disorder and Personality Theories

Psychoanalytic Approach
The Id, Ego, and Superego determine the unconscious mind

People with APD never really move from their ID stage

They cannot control themselves and their impulses thus reacting however they want which may result in the damage of feelings to those around them

It is not possible to treat someone with Antisocial Personality Disorder, however the Psychoananlytical approach would be a good theory to use because this could be a good technique to getting to the root of a problem that may have caused APD

To diagnosis someone with APD, people with APD need to be analyzed for traits such as aggression, rationality, and many more.

The Big Five model would reinforce the diagnoses of APD because these people with APD, like John Doe would score low in every part.

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