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CAT Science Presentation 22/04/10

Presentation to CAT Science in order to introduce them Multiaerobics as a robust business plan for the next 4 years.

Ian Jorgensen

on 2 May 2010

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Transcript of CAT Science Presentation 22/04/10

Market Research
First Version
Web Interface & Virtual Exercise Platform

Therapists assign exercises online
Patients log-in

Video therapist provides easy to follow instructions on exercises.
Patient compleat subjective formular on their performance.

Therapist has access to performance reports, patient feedback and comments.
Your Virtual Exercise Coach
Total Market Size Dependent on Number of Patients
nr. patients
nr. exercise sets
2010 = 404.819
2010 = 843.373
Estimates based on treatments in 2007 in open sector, outside hostpital and private clinics - 17% of total physiotherapists. where 5 mill treatments are 2.5 mill hours of treatment (30 min/treatment) done by 1.811 physios (17% of 10.196 registered physios) working 30 h a week only giving treatments.

* Information obtained from Danmarks statistik
Total Market Size Dependent on Number of Therapists The case is based on a total of 78.5% active physiotherapists.
nr. exercise sets
2010 = 8.651
nr. physiotherapist
Estimates based on register physiotherapist november 2007.
1 physiotherapist meet a mean of 5 new pat a week
1 patient get around 2 exercise set.

*Information obtained from Sundhedsstyrelse.
2010 = 3.979.322
Mean Total Multiaerobics' Share
(in number of exercise sets) per annum.
2010 = 2.411.284
Jose Cerdan – Physioterapist & E-business Developer
Ian Jørgensen – Software & Electronic Developer
Jeppe Boutrup – Physioterapist
Jose Cerdan is the inventor of Multiaerobics solution. He has finished his Master in E-business
at ITU and works for Falck Health Care in Copenhagen as physiotherapist. Jose Cerdan has also a Bachelor
and a Master Degree in Physiotherapy and he has worked as physiotherapist in many different places
such as ambulatories, rehabilitation centres, private clinics and elderly residences in Sweden, Spain,
France, Norway and Denmark.

He will develop part of the different specialized database and be responsible for sales, innovation management and the market strategy of the company
Ian Jørgensen is an Electronic and Computer Engineer from
Copenhagen University College of Engineering where he a consultant for the Health Technology Department .

Ian has 5 years experience as Software Developer in an
Incubation team at Microsoft, working on Mobile and Web Services, and currently working at DR developing the future internet television web portal.

Previously he has been an Electronics and Robotics Teaching Assistant where he gained broad experience in all aspects of embedded hardware design. Lately he is working on real time psychological with wireless sensor networks at Wireless Center a branch of Center for TeleInFrastructure Copenhagen.

He will be responsible for the development of web application and wireless motion sensors devices.
Jeppe is a newly educated physiotherapist and completed his final semester in Belgium where his focus was innovation and entrepreneurship. He's finishing project was a businessplan and website on a system much like Multiaerobics. He's is planning to further his education with a Candidate within the field of IT communication and media teknologi, starting this september.

Jeppe has worked as a masseur, physiotherapist and personal trainer in places such as fitness centers, sports resorts and in CityFys. Prior to his studies he worked 3 years as a Floor Leader in a toystore.

He will develop part of the different specialized databases and be in touch with clients as well as advise on product design.

1. Web application

2. Internationalization: english, spanish, french, swedish, german, norwegian languages

3. Specialized Tracking Devices & more exercies

4. Mobile and other applicatons in wellness
Lack of financial support to generate excercise sets and operate

Lack of experience in setting up a business - tax & legal
Getting investment
Cost Projection
Annual Expences 2010 1.454.700
From Neutral Scenario
Loss 2010 228.282

Loss 2011 19.559
Total 1.702.541
Cost Calculation /Department
Market Size: 1 exercise set package
Market Size: 10 exercise sets package
Market Size: 50 exercise sets package
Market Size: Year License
Optimistic Scenario
Neutral Scenario
Pesimistic Scenario
Revenues & Cost Projections
Thanks for your attention
Text & Pictures
Video (Human)
Video & Music (Human)
Video & Music (3D agent)
Interactive Real Time Exploration (3D agent)
Interactive Game (Real Time Exercise Feedback)
Market Research
Today's Direct Competitors
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