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UNICEF is an organization that focuses on the rights of children.

Karina 11

on 12 November 2015

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Transcript of UNICEF

By Karina
UNICEF stands for
United Nations Children's Fund
UNICEF is an organization that focuses on saving children's lives around the globe. UNICEF is a non-profit organization meaning that all the money donated is put towards the children, not for individual profit.
What is UNICEF ?
What does UNICEF do ?
UNICEF was founded on December 11, 1946 by Herbert Hoover and Maurice Pate to provide emergency health care and food to children in countries that had been destroyed by World War II.

When was UNICEF founded?
World War II
5 Key Areas of Work
Children's Rights
for Survival
Stop Child Exploitation
Child Development
and Education
Protecting Children
with HIV and AIDS
Child Advocacy
Children's Rights for Survival

Millions of children die everyday from preventable causes like malnutrition, poor hygiene and lack of safe water and sanitation. UNICEF provides
for common childhood illnesses like polio, diphtheria,whooping cough and tetanus.
In fact, UNICEF has immunized
of the world's children and has nearly wiped out polio in India.
UNICEF also provides micronutrient supplements like
"eeZee Paste Nut"
and provides fortified milk.
eeZee Paste Nut provides
children with nutrients
Stop Child Exploitation
500 million
children are victims of violence, exploitation and abuse annually.
In fact,
215 million
children are forced to work and from that number,
115 million
children are forced to work in dangerous situations.
Child Development and Education
UNICEF believes that education helps reduce poverty, disease and social inequality.
UNICEF works to help children have access to education no matter what their gender, religion, or background is.
In the last
5 years
, the number of primary students who attended school increased by
14 million
Protecting Children with HIV and AIDS
AIDS is a serious disease that affects children.
UNICEF focuses their efforts on detecting the virus early and providing children with medicine.
Child Advocacy
UNICEF supports all the rights of children by influencing the leaders of countries who make policy and law.
UNICEF provides governments and law makers with information to help them make laws that protect and help children.
UNICEF Funding
The money that is donated comes from governments, other NGOs, foundations, corporations and private individuals.

Re-created Logo
Globe represents that it is an international organization. I split the globe in half to show that even if we are far apart, the work UNICEF does brings children closer together.
The rainbow symbolizes hope for these children to survive and that there will be happiness in the long-term.
UNICEF 's Mission Statement

No Child too Far
Re-developed Mission Statement
Every Child is in Reach
This means that UNICEF is going to work very hard to make sure that every child's well-being is healthy.
UNICEF is strongly committed to take actions that protect and support children.
They pay special attention to children who are in need of special care and who have a disability.
During this presentation,
somewhere in the world
children died from
preventable causes.
In 2014 UNICEF Canada raised almost $ 27 million
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