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vvvv vs processing

No description

Zaid Alam

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of vvvv vs processing

Design As Computation "Processing" Vs "VVVV" Is vvvv a better system than Processing, and if yes, in which sense, or is this question stupid? But why? Processing ? *Based on Java *Visual Art Generator *Found in 2001 by
Ben Fry and Casey Reas
at MIT Media Lab Processing User Interface 3 Modes of Programming *Java Mode *JavaScript Mode *Android Mode Good for beginners Advance functionality possible Good for usage on the web Provides interactivity for html + JavaScript....?? + A scripting language used to produce interactive interfaces and improve website dynamics. Allows modification of code and/or results at the user end i.e no compilation required Allows users to program in Processing and run it as an app in android systems Some reviews indicate that these android builds are not always working perfectly. VVVV ? (vier V) *Visual Art, Video Synthesis Etc. *Node based application. *Developed by the Frankfurt- based media collective MESO *Based on Delphi VVVV User Interface Node Based Programming
Data Flow Approach + Patches (VVVV Application) Nodes Nodes Spreads Values (Arrays) + + Node 1 Node 2 Node 3 Node 4 Renderer Popular industry standard video related software are node based Practical Differences Since Processing is powered by Java it is relatively easier to produce generative art by writing just a few lines of code. VVVV on the other hand would require more effort to produce generative art compared to Processing. Sketches made in Processing can be easily exported and added to website with interactive features. VVVV is limited to specific environment to work efficiently in. Processing has the ability to handle print design quite well. Pdf files are exported with vector data so its easier for the designer to work Java based integration allows access to a huge no of libraries and thus unlimited possibilities VVVV is not that efficient with dealing vector output it outputs mesh data or hi res images Although VVVV also has a huge database of libraries it is not as convenient as Processing Easier to learn and better interface for artists Coding syntax and methodology are not easy to grasp for all, specially artists. Similar interface and designing system as popular most popular industry standard software. Programming environment maybe difficult for an artist to understand. VVVV is better at handling 3d Graphic rendering. Processing lacks the 3d rendering smoothness of VVVV until hardware acceleration is used. Better for rapid prototyping with its data flow approach as it allows live update of results which can be viewed and adjusted at hand No native live view support Can handle large media environments &provide better video synthesis thanks to "boygrouping" Not as stable in handling large productions Processing over VVVV VVVV over Processing Was the question ..No ! stupid? midi support multi-touch support kinect integration audio visualisation Some key features Graphical programming Spreads Boygrouping Cluster Computing Direct X graphic rendering Fast Image maping Easier data typing Only limited to the
capability of hardware (VVVV) +
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