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YM 2.0. sponsorship

No description

Dominika Majchrzak

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of YM 2.0. sponsorship

A Call to Arms!
Join the dialogue defining the future of markets. YoungMarkets 2.0
Partner/Sponsor proposal WHAT WHERE WHEN Join the YM delegates Young Markets is a unique discussion on the Future of Finance: how all manner of financial products & markets are developing.

Young Markets abandons narrow silo views, concentrating on how to profit in a complex world of opportunity.

In essence: Given the accelerating pace of change in financial markets, how do you keep up ? Torun, Poland: Hanseatic (freshwater) port & UNESCO heritage City. Birthplace of astronomer (& economist!) Nicolas Copernicus.

The nearest airport is Bydgoszcz (50 km) while Torun has good rail / road links to other major airports (Gdansk, Poznan, Warsaw). 4-6th June 2013 4th June: (evening) aperitifs &
Welcome dinner

5th June: @YMarkets2.0 plus 2nd
Young Markets Awards Dinner

6th June: Conference Continues + Challenge of Change Workshop
Recital &Closing Dinner DELEGATE FEES - Delegate fee: 1000 €. (inclusive).

- Inclusive: ALL Accommodation, Transfers & full board for the duration of the event.

- All you have to do is take a flight to Bydgoszcz airport & we’ll organise everything else until You fly out again 2 days later!

- Spouses Welcome: Add 250 € for your partner to be included in all events. We have a range of sponsorship opportunities available from digital advertising through to the gala dinner. Packages can be tailor-made to include free branded distribution of conference video. SPONSORSHIP YM 1.0 sponsors included: SPONSORSHIP AVAILABLE
Young Markets in association with your brand is the ultimate marketing rights package & can be yours from 20,000 Euros (depending on extent of
free / live video distribution). DINNER SPONSOR The Inaugural Young Markets
Transylvania, Romania 2012 We look forward to welcoming your
engagement in the future of markets:
Torun, Poland June 4-6 2013 Patrick L Young
Chairman - Young Markets
+48 668 499 599 Florin Oprea
Conference Producer - Young Markets
+40 744 377 860 @YMarkets2.0
www.youngmarkets.com We have three dinners available for sponsorship at YM2.0: MAIN SPONSOR COCKTAILS There are 4 coffee/tea breaks,
each available at a cost of 250 Euros. TEA/COFFEE OTHER SPONSORSHIPS Torun Inaugural Dinner with H.E. Charles Crawford.
50 guests, period castle room,
total cost 12,000 Euros
(including speech video distributed via Vimeo/YouTube with your branding). Pre-award Gala Dinner,
Period Galleried Room in old town,
total cost 6000 Euros. Post Event dinner
& private recital (max 36 guests),
to be held at Szafarnia,
country home of Chopin’s God-Father,
the economist Fryderyk Skarbek
total cost 5000 Euros 4th JUNE 2013 5th June 2013 6th June 2013 Three cocktail receptions are available for sponsorship: 5th June 2013 4th June 2013 6th June 2013 Inaugural Cocktail Reception,
in period castle
(on terrace if weather permits),
total cost 2000 Euros Cocktail Reception,
in period castle
(on terrace if weather permits),
total cost 2000 Euros Cocktail and Tour of Szafarnia,
for 36 guests,
total cost 1500 Euros Individual YM Awards
(to be negotiated) Airport transfers
3000 Euros Delegate bags
(to be negotiated) Delegate Bag Contents/
Inserts /
(to be negotiated) We have multiple other sponsorships available including: Advertising
(to be negotiated) Video Programme Advertising
(live & highlights packages)
(to be negotiated) To discuss sponsorship, please contact: JOIN US HOW @YMarkets 2.0 is limited to 50 physical delegates.

Virtual delegates can subscribe to the live
video feed via WWW ( cost 100 Euros). DIGITAL INTERACTION As well as virtual speakers @YMarkets 2.0 creates a global dialogue with special guest speakers from throughout the world live on video.
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