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Themes in Romeo and Juliet

No description

Mayia Kruer

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of Themes in Romeo and Juliet

Themes in Romeo and Juliet
Mayia Kruer and Brittney Langdon
Impulsive behavior/self control
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parental control/rebellious teens
theme statement-it is important to know
what is happening in your child's life.
Parental control-Juliet and her mother never really had a relationship, her mother just told her what to do. Her mother and father tell her that she must marry Paris even though she does not want to. Her father basically says you will do what i say even if i have to drag you to the church myself. Juliet begs her mother to postpone the wedding. Her mother responds by saying "talk not to me, for ill not speak a word. Do as thou wilt, for i have done with thee."
Rebellious teens-Juliet starts to become very
independent about half way though the story.
An example would be when Juliet stood up
about her not wanting to marry Paris. When
she is told to marry Paris and forget about
Romeo, she takes it upon herself to go and talk
to the priest. If something wouldn't work out for her the first thing she jumps to is suicide. She knows she is not going to follow through with her parents wishes. The two themes connect with these two parts because strict parents create sneaky kids. Which is a great example
of Romeo and Juliet.
Theme statement-death is
something that you can not run
away from.
Suicide-A part in Romeo and Juliet that
connects to suicide would be when Romeo drinks poison because he thinks his beloved Juliet is dead. This in turn leads to Juliet waking up from her "deep sleep" and seeing Romeo has
killed himself. Of course the only reasonable thing Juliet can think to do at that moment is take Romeo's sword and kill herself. Both Romeo and Juliet end up dying.
Death-There are many deaths that occur in this
story. Such as when Mercutio was killed. This
happened because Tybalt wanted to fight Romeo but Romeo wouldn't fight back. Since Romeo didn't fight, Mercutio would. Romeo being the peace maker he is, tried to break up the fight. Tybalt ends up stabbing Mercutio through Romeo's arm. Death connects because if some characters wouldn't have died the way they did, the story would have ended differently.
act 3
scene 5
act 3
scene 5
act 5 scene 3
act 3 scene 1
Impulsive behavior...
Theme statement-
theme statement-
You shouldn't always act on your
first initial instinct.
An example of Impulsive Behavior in Romeo and Juliet would be when Romeo and Juliet decide to get married after only knowing one another for not even a day. Another example would be when Romeo kills Tybalt in a fit of rage.
Act 2 Scene 3
Act 3 Scene 1
Self control ...
If you really love someone you will
remain faithful.
An example of Self Control would be at the Capulet's ball. Tyblat wanted to confront Romeo and his friends for crashing his aunt and uncles party. He decided against it once his uncle told him not to.
Act 1 Scene 1
An example of loyalty would be at the end of the story. Romeo is told that his wife ,Juliet, has died. Upon hearing this news he goes back to Verona. He is so heartbroken, he buys a bottle of poison. He takes the poison to Juliet's tomb and kills himself. When Juliet wakes up from her long slumber she finds her husband dead before her. This leads to her taking Romeo's dagger and stabbing herself. They were loyal to each other by not wanting to live without the other one.

Act 5 Scene 3
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