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Massachusetts Bay and Plymouth Colonies

No description

Jimmy D

on 20 November 2015

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Transcript of Massachusetts Bay and Plymouth Colonies

The Massachusetts Bay Colony was first chartered by the English crown in 1629 as a joint stock trading company
The Massachusetts Plymouth Colony was founded by the group of pilgrims that were on the Mayflower in 1620
John Carver was elected governor of the Pilgrim settlement at Plymouth after signing the Mayflower Compact
William Bradford was the governor of the Plymouth Colony for 30 years and helped shape and stabilize the political institutions of the first colony in New England
Who made up the colonists? (race, social status, gender, slaves, immigrants)
The Massachusetts Bay Colony was made up of Puritans
The Massachusetts Plymouth Colony was also made up of Puritans
What form of government did the colonists establish in the colonies themselves? What were some laws in the colony?
The colonists formed a theocracy
Plymouth created it's own form of government through the Mayflower Compact which is a social contract that the people who signed it agreed to abide by the new government's laws in exchange for protection
Every father must teach his children the Catechism (a summary of the principles of the Christian religion) otherwise the children would be taken from their home
Banishing, whipping, and corporal punishment of the Quaker group was permitted and the new law prevented any Quaker from entering the colony
Massachusetts Bay and Plymouth Colonies
What country claimed your colony and when was it established?
England claimed both colonies
Bay Colony established in 1629
Plymouth Colony established in 1620
What is the name of your colony? Explain where the name came from if you can.
Who (founder or landowner) established your colony?
Why was your colony established?
A sect of Puritans wanted their children to grow up in an English culture, but also wanted to practice their religion freely, so they seeked refuge in North America from the evil that had fallen in England
What did your colony produce to export and make money?
Manufacturing included lumbering and shipbuilding
Agriculture included fishing, corn, and livestock
Agriculture was difficult because of poor soils, cold temperatures, and short growing seasons
Main natural resource was timber which provided the raw material for shipbuilding
The Pilgrims not knowing how to farm or fish, were taught by the Wampanoag to produce lobster, clams, potatoes, squash, and beans.
By: Leo and Jimmy
There are two colonies located in Massachusetts
Massachusetts Bay Colony
Massachusetts Plymouth Colony
What region did the colonies become associated with?
New England
Map of the colonies
Plymouth Colony:
Bay Colony:
Describe the physical geography and climate of your colony and how that affects the economic opportunities and lifestyle for people in your colony.
The physical geography of Massachusetts is composed of hills, rivers and lakes
There are mountainous regions to the west and plenty of coastal bays to the east. The climate is very dramatic in Massachusetts having four distinct seasons such as Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn
People in Massachusetts must prepare for each season. Work is tough and cold in the winter and exhausting in the scorching heat of the summer
National flag of England that claimed the colonies
Life in the Colony
Include a picture of the Ruler/ Founder of your colony.
A law was passed that required every town with 50 or more families to hire an instructor to teach their children to read and write. Towns with more than 100 families were required to build a school. Education was pushed on by the Puritans so their children would be able to read God’s word in the bible

Puritans worshiped on Sunday morning for up to 5 hours and sometimes houses were searched to ensure that everyone was at church

Colonial men and women usually married in their early to mid twenties. Families generally had between seven to ten children, but nearly half of all children died before they reached adulthood. Adults would often die young as well

The first thanksgiving was when the Pilgrims celebrated with a feast that included the natives who helped them recover from a bad winter with a plentiful harvest.

John Winthrop was the first governor of the Bay Colony and he was the chief figure among the Puritan founders of New England. His quote, "We must consider that we shall be as a city upon a hill. The eyes of all the people are upon us" means that he wanted his city to be a model for all other colonies in the new world. To do so, he believed that he needed to follow the word of God.
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