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Social Media Marketing Campaign

No description

Olena Datseva

on 17 June 2014

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Transcript of Social Media Marketing Campaign

Favorite Part
What If?
What if every person was sent on the right path?
What if money and status didn't matter?
What if every individual made an IMPACT?
"be yourself"
"new beginnings"
Your Dreams
And knew whom they want to become
What matters…
Your Passions
To become
What could that start?
It could be the beginning
of something...
From little...
It can become immense!
The question is...
Drove a change and
...to better schools
...to better neighborhoods
to better
How much difference can you make?
To make an impact
start by changing 
the way...
In each of us
there is a Leader
We just need a right direction
discover their talents
I AM… Leadership Academy helps your children to:
educational achievements
build the character
Develop 21 century skills
We learn about science
Go to a variety of field trips
And participate
in different physical activities
The road to self-discovery can be interesting and fun!
There is a Right Way...
the I AM Way
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