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Hitler's Secret By: William Osborne

This is a small quick summary of Hitler's Secret with the Main Characters, the Setting, the Storyline, and the Message of the book. (It can help incase you forget to do a Homework assignment. XD)

Emiliano Olibarria

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of Hitler's Secret By: William Osborne

Hitler's Secret By: William Osborne
Main characters
Plot: The plot is that Otto and Leni have to capture Angelika then take her across the border.

Rising action: The rising action is when Otto and Leni take Angelika with them.

Climax: The climax is when they were being chased by Heydrich through out the country.

Falling action: The falling action is when they crossed the border into the mountains.

Resolution: The resolution is when Angelika died saving the Otto and Leni from death.
Otto - a young german teenager boy from Munich, Germany, who is infiltrating Germany while avoiding Nazis along the way.

Leni - a young jewish teenager girl from London, England who is helping Otto in his mission.

MacPherson - an admiral who is training the two teens to pass the border to their objective.

Angelika - a little girl who spend her life in an Montessori with nuns as their only student.

Heydrich - an commander sent to follow and stop the teens from taking Angelika across the border.

The book takes place in Bavaria, Germany and in Davos, Switzerland.

The message of the book was
"There will always be another way to complete your goal"
This tells us to never give up no matter what the situation is.
Thank you
for reading this.
Favorite part
My favorite part of the story was when Otto made a stand alone in the barn to distract the Nazis so Leni and Angelika to escape.
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