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pj kase

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Castles

MEDIEVAL CASTLES Castles were the
homes of nobelmen Curtain walls were walls that surrounded the castle they were the first and primary defense from siege The Dover castle “key to England” Used for defensives. Made in the 12th century. For the lords. * The lords kept to the middle of the castle were more likely to would live.
*Also highest point of the castle or the greatest tower.
*The reasons why they would do that is because those were the two safest places in the castle. The Ward or Bailey A motte is a hill with a flattened top that castles sit on to aside in defending from siege Castles were not communal but were for
local lords who participated in local feuds Keep Trim Castle Gatehouse Moat *Located in Ireland, Dublin.
*It was built for Hugh de Lacy and his son ,Walter. *Is located in Germany.
*When it was 1st built it was intended as a refuge for a king.
*The king died in the year 1886.
* Over 60 million people that have visited the castle, because of its known view of Germany. Neuschuranstein castle Machicolations Arrow Slits Castles had many
features of defensive
architecture including
gatehouses, spiral
staircases, moats,
and machicolations. Spiral Staircase Dand Kerr and the Wrong Way Staircase http://www.castlesandmanorhouses.com/summary.php?Category=%28All+Categories%29&Type=Castle&Country=%28All+Countries%29&Parameter=Famous









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