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The Negative Impact of WikiLeaks in today's society.

WikiLeaks violates the Right of privacy, Accountability and Confidentiality that secure information and data share.

german ocampo

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of The Negative Impact of WikiLeaks in today's society.

WikiLeaks It violates the Right of Privacy, Accountability and
Confidentiality among information and Data sharing.
Acts of hacking into something private is inappropriate, dangerous and illegal . is a whistle blowing organization
that became the focus of debate over
its role in releasing thousands
of confidential documents involving
Governments, Businesses
and actions of individuals. Negative Impacts Background Negative impact of WikiLeaks Government vs. WikiLeaks Private Sectors vs. WikiLeaks People vs. WikiLeaks Founded by the Hack activist
Julian Assange 2006 WikiLeaks had made public almost 400,000 secret documents on the Iraqi war,
77,000 classified Pentagon documents on the Afghanistan conflict,
more than 250,000 individuals’ cables
(letters and chats) and
270 American diplomatic outposts around the world. Governments.
Private sector and Businesses.
Individuals. It they believed in transparency they would release the name of the individuals or entities providing them with the information they are spreading.

By releasing such documents without providing the source only stirs public opinion.

WikiLeaks violates many corporations’ privacy laws and code of ethics
It published secrets without running the risk of being branded traitors.
It should respect public figures the same as we would like ourselves to be respected. It Profanes the “Right of Privacy”, Accountability and “Confidentiality” of information sharing; also threatens the security of Governments, Businesses and individuals. Are Secrets Important? Transparency = Too Much Info? Release of confidential military data/cables
American Diplomatic Views on Foreign Leaders
Andrew Porter - Political Editor at The Telegraph
“Compared Iran’s President Ahmadinejad to Adolf Hitler...France’s President labeled as emperor with no clothes...Russian Prime Minister viewed as an alpha dog” Threat to disclose information regarding many world banks.
Citing it will "bring important news and info to the public."

Information that they disclosed to the world was sensitive material that did not belonged to them.

Confidentiality and accountability rights are discarded. Social Security
Personal Data Secret “Bibles” of Scientology
Muammar Gadaffi
Corrupt or Unethical? National Security Legislation December, 2010 - Senator Joseph Lieberman:

Legislation to make the publication of U.S. Intelligence source illegal.

WikiLeaks jeopardizes “security interests, the interests of our allies, the safety of government employees & countless other individuals.” Credibility Distinction between important news & gossip.

Rape & sexual assault charges in Sweden. WikiLeaks released ambiguities that Barclays' Bank had exploited for a number of affluent clients.

Facebook’s source code were released to the public during its infancy would Facebook still be relevant? Freedom of Speech Businesses Transparency For example in early 2010 Assange told Daniel Domscheit – Berg “if you f*ck up, I’ll hunt you down and kill you” Rights of Privacy Accountability No body has the right and authority to release information publicly that is of private concern.
WikiLeaks does not measure the risks of its publication and the effects they can cause people.
Trauma is the consequence of these actions and takes time to move on from; it stays with them forever. WikiLeaks lacks accountability.
They are trying to promote transparency, but in the process they are controlling their own information even though their goal is to be transparent.
We do not know who are the people behind Wilkileaks.
It is not a democratic process and the public cannot directly respond. It's also too much information for the public to swallow.
Not enough reasons to trust what they publish. Legislation Laws and regulation are created so that society is protected and to have a better sense of accountability.
Government needs to stop WikiLeaks or create a neutral party to manage and measure the effects of their publications in society.
If everything is exposed to the public, chaos would follow. Leaks
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