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e-Business : CarToGo

No description

roy park

on 5 September 2014

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Transcript of e-Business : CarToGo

new e-Business
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
0. Intro
1. Goal Setting
2. Market Review
3. Strategy
4. Resource
5. Marketing Mix
6. Conclusion
Difficulties for students:
Transportation problems for students at UCI
Not everyone can afford a car, rental cars or the parking permits
Solution: A new concept of car sharing

= U.Car.I
(as in “your car and mine” and in UCI)

Make students’ life easier, faster and more convenient
, while saving the environment. We want to provide UCI students with an alternative and easy way to use car sharing around the campus and far beyond."

Phase 2 - Market Review
Competitive Analysis

Strengths-U CAR I is distinctive
Weaknesses-Thin margins
Opportunities-U CAR I penetration
Threats-Other car rental companies
Ben, Jack, Ichu, Roy, liz
Business Model
Phase 1 - Goal Setting
Phase 4 - Resources
Domain Name –
Hosting –
$25 to $200 a year
(depending on traffic & hosting services)
Web design and development time –
60 hours and up
Continued website Maintenance –
$500 a year and up
(depending on number/type of updates required)
Marketing your website online –
$750 a month and up

Marketing Mix
1. 50 smart cars(Mercedes Benz).
2 Rent and local area (Orange County only)
3. Charged by the minute.
4. You have to use the Student ID for rent a car.

UCI students
Phase 3 - Strategy
Marketplace positioning
2.Smartphone App .

Profit (Membership)

1. Initial membership costs $30.00 only.
2. 0.30 cents/minute.
Compare U CAR I and ZIPCAR
Product Mix and Product Life Cycle
The exact software you need for your site
 FTP client, $2,500 ~ $4,500
 Content Management System, $2,000 ~ $20,000

 Dreamweaver(web editor), $399
  Photoshop, $649
$25 to $200 a year
60 hours and up
$500 a year and up
$750 a month and up
Guess how much??
B2C = B2S (Business to “S”tudents)
Go to: www.u.car.i.com
Register for a membership
Download Smartphone app
Login and locate the next available car via GPS signal
Drive to campus/beach/groceries and back
Park the car wherever you want
Simple is that!

Corporate Objective
We want to make our full car pool of 50 Smart Cars constantly available for UCI students by the end of 2013.
...achieve a customer satisfaction rate of at least 90% by the end of 2013
...overtake ZipCar as the Number 1 car sharing company by the end of the academic year 13/14.
... reach a number of 1.500 memberships at the end of the academic year 13/14.
...our company’s name to be known as the first choice for a car sharing in Irvine
...our company’s concept to be known as the number 1 in economic driving
...reach at least 1.500 downloads from our application and 1.500 likes on Facebook
U.Car.I is a simple, convenient and inexpensive alternative for car sharing

We want to reach all interested UCI students

Website cost is vary depending on your e-business

Buckle up students!!!!
Web Marketing

Homepage: Logo, Keyword, Images, AD.

Promotions: Membership discount
Economic & environmental lifestyle drive slowly
Regular customers free gifts

Print Media
Press Release
Increase information
Management conversation
Share videos
--- customers' experience
Smartphone APP

Paper advertisements
on notice board and
student's guide

Launch 1-2 press releases every week to advance company's activeness and attraction and to inform customers about our service and discount.
Print Media
Paper advertisement on university notice board or Student Guide
Press Release
Launch 1-2 press releases every weak to advance company's activeness and attraction and to inform customers about our service and discount.
Customer Service and Feedback
Get feedback and build trust and long lasting relationship with our customers
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