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The Tale Of Sir Gareth

No description

Diana Castellanos

on 21 October 2012

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Transcript of The Tale Of Sir Gareth

Insert more summary here One day, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table were about to sit down to a feast when three gentlemen and their dwarf appeared. Two of the gentlemen dropped their friend off and the King's castle and left. The one who stayed behaved very noble and knightly while asking the King if he could grant him three things. He would request one of his wishes now, and then ask the other 12 months later. The gentleman's first request was for the King to provide him with food and drink. The King granted the gentleman his wish and told Sir Kay to make sure that he was well fed and comfortable, and that he would work in the kitchen with Sir Kay. Sir Kay disagreed that this man should be given all these luxuries and always treated him with such contempt, and since the man did not have a name, Sir Kay named him Beaumains. 12 months later at the next feast in King Arthur's castle, Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table had just sat down when a woman came asking for help. The lady, Lynet, needed someone to rescue her sister who is held prisoner in the Castle Dangerous by the Red Knight of the Red Lands. At this moment, Beaumains explained his last two wishes. First, he wanted to help the woman on her quest. Second, he wanted Sir Lancelot to follow them so that when Beaumains completed the quest, Sir Launcelot could make him a knight. King Arthur agreed; however, Lynet was disgusted that a kitchen worker was going to be sent to help her with her quest. She left immediately, but Beaumains followed her with Sir Launcelot following him and Sir Kay following him. Beaumains dueled with Sir Kay, then with Sir Launcelot. Sir Launcelot then realized how strong and worthy his opponent was and, once learning that Beaumains' was Sir Gareth (brother of Sir Gawain), knighted him. Sir Gareth finally caught up to Lynet, but the fact that he was knighted did not stop Lynet from verbally abusing him. Lynet let Sir Gareth accompany her, but kept saying that he wouldn't last a duel against any knight. Along their journey, Sir Gareth and Lynet encountered many quarrels. First, they witnessed six thieves attacking a knight, and Sir Gareth killed them all. The knight offered them food and board to repay for Sir Gareth's deed. They accepted; however, Lynet still refused to eat in the same room as her companion. The next day, the couple came across two knights along the stream. Sir Gareth took both of them down, but Lynet credited his victory not by his skill, but by the fact that his opponents were not looking and they happened to be hit or drowned. Later that afternoon, they came across the Knight of the Black Lands whom Lynet knew for sure that Sir Gareth would not be able to defeat. As a matter of fact, Lynet told the Black Knight to get rid of Sir Gareth. The Black Knight, however, was defeated and killed and Sir Gareth took the armor of his opponent. As they continued their journey, the couple met the Green Knight. Since Sir Gareth was wearing the Black Knight's armor, the Green Knight asked if he was his brother. Lynet jumped in and said that Sir Gareth killed the Green Knight's brother, the Black Knight, and that he should avenge him. The Green Knight agreed, and him and Sir Gareth went to battle. Sir Gareth was just about to behead the Green Knight, when Lynet begged him to stop, and asked the Green Knight if he would accompany them on their journey. The Green Knight agreed, and the trio continued on to the Green Knight's place for food and board. Lynet still refused to sit with Sir Gareth and frequently criticized him. The Green Knight was ashamed at her behavior toward Sir Gareth, but Lynet was more ashamed that he would defend him. The next day, the Green Knight left the couple to resume their journey. The same exact events occurred when Sir Gareth and Lynet ran into the Black Knight's other brother, the Puce Knight. That afternoon, the couple entered a city that was full of different colored pavilions. Lynet pointed out the indigo-colored pavilion and said that it belonged to Sir Persaunte, the Indigo Knight and that Sir Gareth could never overcome him. Sir Gareth had enough of Lynet's verbal abuse, so he explains to her that he has had to live with all of her bad talk, and thinks that he has proved himself worthy many times and that he shouldn't be spoken to in that manner. Lynet finally sees that Sir Gareth is a noble knight and begs his forgiveness. Upon meeting the Indigo Knight, the same events occurred as when Sir Gareth encountered the other brothers. The next morning, Sir Gareth and Lynet said goodbye to the Indigo Knight and headed for the Castle Dangerous. Before the couple arrived at the castle, Sir Gareth sent his dwarf to tell Lady Lyoness (Lynet's sister) that a knight will be here to rescue her. Like her sister, Lyoness undermined the knight whom was going to rescue her. Meanwhile, Lynet warned Sir Gareth that the Red Knight was a powerful knight, and no knight from King Arthur's court has ever defeated him. This did not stop Sir Gareth, however, and soon he and the Red Knight began to fight. After a long battle, Sir Gareth was just about to behead the Red Knight, when the earls and barons of the court begged him to spare their friend. Sir Gareth agreed, but only if he freed Lady Lyoness and then went to King Arthur's court and tell Sir Launcelot and Sir Gawain what had happened. Meanwhile, Sir Gareth went to go visit Lyoness; however, she did not want him to have her love until a year has passed. Then Lyoness sent her brother, Sir Gryngamour to capture Sir Gareth's dwarf so that she could find out if the knight was really of noble birth. Lyoness realized that he was a true knight, and the next day they got married at Sir Gryngamour's castle. Soon after the couple's wedding, they bedded down together in a hallway in Sir Gryngamore's castle. But while they slept, Sir Gareth was attacked by a strange and mysterious knight. The two fought, and Sir Garerth beheaded the assailant. After the squabble, while Sir Gryngamore and the Lady Lyoness gave aid to Sir Gareth's wound, the Lady Lynet appeared and revived the decapitated knight with a strange ointment. The knight stood up, and walked out of the hall. Ten days passed, and Sir Gareth's wound had healed completely. But on the tenth night, the same assailant appeared in the hallway where Sir Gareth slept with his lady. Once more, the two fought, and once more Sir Gareth beheaded the attacker. Only this time, Sir Gareth went to such lengths as to chop the knight's head into dozens of tiny pieces before throwing them into the moat below. But yet again, the Lady Lynet was able to revive the knight by means of the mystical ointment and send him on his way. Later, at the Feast of Pentecost at King Arthur's castle, each of the knights Sir Gareth had defeated reported to King Arthur and related to him how the estranged "Beaumains" (Sir Gareth) had defeated them. King Arthur was elated to have such fine knights admitted to the Fellowship of the Round Table, and anxiously awaited the arrival of Sir Gareth himself.
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