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Revenge in Romeo and Juliet

No description

Stefanie York

on 17 December 2010

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Transcript of Revenge in Romeo and Juliet

How did revenge affect the story plot? How was revenge used in Romeo and Juliet? Revenge: Also known as vengance, is a harmful action against a person or group in response to a grievance. Tybalt killed Mercutio so Romeo wanted revenge on Tyblat , so he killed Tybalt. Tybalt killed Mercutio, so Romeo wanted revenge against Tybalt so he killed him.
Tybalt killed Mercutio and so Romeo wanted revenge on Tybalt so he killed him. Lady Capulet wanted revenge on Romeo for killing Tybalt, so she convinced the Prince to exile him to Mantua. In the beginning with Sampson and Gregory against Abram and Balthasar. Old man Capulet wanted revenge against Old man Montague for starting the fight. Paris wanted revenge against Romeo because he felt it was Romeo's fault Juliet was dead What does Revenge cause? How can this be applied to our lives? The two families can't coexist together because they are
constantly seeking revenge on each other.
Causing Tybalt to grow up hating the Montagues
Causing Romeo to grow up hating the Capulets. The feud caused by want of revenge
brought on deaths.
Paris Because of deaths, people were banished
Lady Capulet wanted romeo banished for killing
her nephew , Tybalt. Grief Sorrow Occasional ruined life Death Point of revenge in Romeo and Juilet to create conflict to teach when you seek out on the trail of revenge, first dig two graves: one for the other person, and the other for yourself. Don't get fixated on revenge becase it's all that you will think about and end up waiting for every option to get revenge. to teach to watch your actions/what you say When you seek out on the trail of revenge, first dig two graves:
one for the other person, and the other for yourself From realization of actions Either someone's reputation, or family member
feeling sorrow over death, or the revenger's
remorse getting to them for getting back at the person. family member's grief over a past relationship, friends, or family members. Don't go on the warpath and go postal on everybody when
someone does some thing that makes you think that
you need to get back at them. we need to control what we say and what we do to not bring on
unnecessary fights or arguements. conclusion
Revenge was used in Romeo and Juliet was to show conflict, and to teach us to watch what we do and say, because Revenge often leads to disaster and problems. THANK YOU
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