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Pet Paws Presentation

No description

Sally Suliveres

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Pet Paws Presentation

Pet Paws Presentation by:Elisa Suliveres Radio Advertisement Have you been searching for that perfect
pet day care service that actually cares about
your pets. Well, you're searching is finally over. Pet Paws Daycare is a reliable organization that always welcomes you and your pets with a big smile and bright attitude. Pet Paws is located on 14765 Folkstone Ave. Los Angeles CA 91745. If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment feel free to call us at (626) 956-3656. We look forward to seeing you! Outdoor Advertising Pet Paws Daycare "There is no pause when it comes to pet paws." (626)956-3656 14765 Folkstone Ave. Internet Advertisement Pet Paws You can visit us at 14765 Folkstone Ave. Los Angeles, CA 91745 You can call us at (626) 956-3656 You can email us at petpaws.com Thank you for visiting our website! Our website will show all of the above. In addition it will allow you to make an appointment online. We will also have all of our available dog nessecities such as collars, food, pet carriers, etc. The purpose of this ad will be to extend information to those who are online and can't reach a phone. This website reaches all who use a computer and are looking for pet daycare. This method would cost about $150 depending on how much maintenance you put into it. This method is effective to those who own a computer. The example shown above is exactly how we would want our billboard to look. We think that a bill board would help business alot because millions of people drive everyday and they are most likely to see it. This advertisng would reach towards those who can drive. (16 and up.) The cost of a billboard is between $700 and $2,500 dollars. This method is very effective becasue of the amount of people that commute. Television Advertisement Newspaper Advertisement Yellow Pages Advertisement Pet Paws Daycare 14765 Folkstone Ave. Los Angeles CA 91745 Monday-Saturday 8:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. petpaws@msn.com
The ad would look like the one above and the purpose would be to bring people to the daycare. It appeals to all who own pets. This method is not as effective as a billboard. Pet Paws Daycare Pet Paws is a reliable pet day care that not only takes care of your pets but cares for your pets. 14765 Folkstone Ave. Los Angeles CA 91745 (626) 956-3656 The news ad will have alot more detail than the example above and it will appeal to those who recieve or buy the newspaper. The cost for this would be $96,000. This method is not as effective as the billboard but it is pretty effective. The television ad would basically just explain what we do, where we are located, and how you can contact us. This ad would appeal to people who own pets. The cost of this would be $350,000. This method is propbably just as effective, if not more, than a billboard. Other methods Another method we could use would be handing out flyers at supermarkets, going to county fairs where we could talk about we do, and we could also have a mascot in front of the business.
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