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Symbolism of Weather in The Great Gatsby

No description

Landry Short

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Symbolism of Weather in The Great Gatsby

"The day agreed on pouring rain." -chapter 5

The rain represented the sadness and nervousness Gatsby was feeling to meet Daisy.

Gatsby says he hasn't swam all summer and he wants one last swim before the leaves start to fall, even though he didn't use it all summer.

Gatsby demanding to have one last swim is also like how he is trying to keep the hope that him and Daisy still have a chance of being together.

In reality the face that the leaves are coming and would clog up the drain its also like Tom and their child ending any chance of them getting back together.
Now that winter is coming everything is ending for good, just like in the winter most nature is dying and ending.
"After half an our [walking outside while Gatsby and Daisy are talking], the sun shone again..." -chapter 5

The sun represents the mood of happiness they were feeling after catching up.
Landry Short
Dodick 5th hour

Symbolism of Seasons/Weather in The Great Gatsby
When Daisy is on her way to Nick's it is pouring rain.

Gatsby is nervous and depressed waiting for Daisy.
Spring: shows new beginnings and that is when Nick comes and everything starts

Summer: everything starts to get heated with Daisy, Gatsby, and Tom

Fall: everything is starting to cool down and Gatsby and Daisy's relationship is ending

Winter: relationships are completely over just like things die because of cold weather
While Gatsby and Daisy were inside realizing how much they missed each other the rain went away and the sun came out.
In the summer when everything came out to Tom about the relationship between Gatsby and Daisy it was the hottest day in the summer, and the heat was representing the tension between everyone.
"The next day was broiling, almost the last, certainly the warmest, of the summer."

"We were all irritable now with the fading ale, and aware of it we drove for a while in silence."
"I'm going to drain the pool today, Mr. Gatsby. Leaves'll start falling pretty soon, and then there's always trouble with the pipes."

During the begging of fall Gatsby's gardener says he is going to drain the pool because leaves are starting to fall and they will clog up the drains. Gatsby says no he wants one last swim.
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