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Alexandria of Africa

No description

Elise Durie

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Alexandria of Africa

By: Eric Walters Alexandria of Africa Setting Alexandria Hyatt Main Characters Man vs. Self Conflicts MOOD About the Author Eric Walters was born in Toronto ON . He has written more than 60 novels including We all Fall Down and Bifocal. He has won more than 80 awards for his novels including eleven seperate children's choice awards. He now lives with his wife, children and dogs. In this book, Alexandria travels across the world from Beverly Hills, California to Paris, France to Nairobi, Africa. It all takes place around 2007 to 2008. It doesn't say an exact date but this is when the book was published. Renee Renee is Alexandria's guide in Africa. She is a nice person but has some additude and doesn't appreciate rich girls like Alexandria. She loves helping build the schools and meeting the kids in Africa. Ruth Ruth is a 15 year old girl that lives in a small village in Kenya along with her 12 siblings. She is in the 8th grade and becomes great friends with Alexandria. Nebala Nebala is a local Maasai which are a culture of people you will learn about in the book. He becomes friends with Alexandria and is her fellow "Trekkie". He helps her throughout the book in some sticky situations. The Plot Man vs. Man Man vs. Nature SAD fUNNY HAPPY Quotes #1 #2 ” ‘One thing can be many things.’ he said.
I couldn’t tell if that was really deep or if he was just quoting a bumper sticker or a fortune cookie.” "'There’s a saying: From those to whom much is given, much is expected. You have so much – and I’m not talking about money – so you have a lot to give. Don’t let anybody sell you short.' She reached out and touched my hand. 'Especially not yourself'.” Themes Poverty Making a Difference Growing Up Alexandria Hyatt is a 15 year old girl from Beverly Hills, California. She is popular, pretty and rich. She gets anything she wants when she wants. Alexandria Hyatt is well know in Beverly Hills, California by her father and his money. When she gets caught shoplifting for the SECOND time, she has a choice of either jail or going to Africa. Of course she chooses Africa and gets there to find that not everyone is a millionare. With no cell phone reception, barely any hot water and next to no electricity, Alexandria finds it difficult to live in the 'harsh' conditions of Africa. Realizing most people have to live worse than this constantly brings her to reality and helps her learn on a fantastic journey through the ups and downs of life in poverty. Throughout the book Alexandria squabbles with her guide Renee and just can't seem to get along with her fellow workers or 'church kids' as she likes to call them. I know this book is about poverty because in the book Alexandria was building a school in Nairobi for children. I also know it was about growing up because over the course of the book Alexandria starts thinking more about others and really matures. I had a love/hate relationship with this book. I liked it because there were some very funny references but I also really disliked the main character, Alexandria which is really too bad because it's from her perspective. She was just a brat! In the book Alexandria interacts with the wild animals of Africa as well as the harsh conditions. Alexandria realizes over the course of the book that she needs to get over herself and start looking out for others. Happy There are very cute and happy moments throughout the book that just make you want to smile. Sad No matter how many happy moments there are there are still lots of sad ones like explaining what the latrines and schools are like in Nairobi. Did I like this book? What I remember most about the book The thing I remember most about the book is when Nebala is walking Alexandria home and they run into a herd of elephants. I remember this most because I thought is was a very funny and cool scene. I also really love elephants. I liked this quote because I thought it was pretty funny and it made me laugh. I liked this quote too because it's telling you to not give up on yourself. Like know what you can do and do it. Also don't let anybody use you. Recommendation I would recommend this book to a girl/teen audience. It really makes you think about people in countries like Africa and it teaches you about friendship and maturity. Funny This book is funny because it makes lots of references to Star Trek and they crack some hilarious jokes. If you read this book and like it, there is a sequel! It's called "Beverly Hills Maasai." THANK YOU!!!!
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