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Decision Making in our Community

No description

Shelby Henderson

on 7 October 2015

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Transcript of Decision Making in our Community

What types of decisions does the board makes for the community?
Policy, Budget, Curriculum, Bond Issues, Sinking fund, Hiring and termination of the Superintendent, Superintendent evaluation, Superintendent contract, Collective bargaining, Transportation, Student Discipline (Expulsions)

Why you stood for election
Sucher: "I have been in leadership roles all my life starting in Boy Scouts. I had been on the Avondale District Technology Committee for many years. I had been in PTO officer roles as my 2 sons were growing up. So I took the next step and ran for the Board of Education. I knew I could see the big picture. I knew I could support all students. I did not have a personal agenda. Others agreed and voted for me."
What you finds challenging and gratifying about your work on the committee?
I had a chance to Interview two members of the school board to see what it was like to make choices for an entire community. I was able to interview Stephen Sucher as well as Terry Lang. Both of these gentlemen had a lot of insight to give on their position on the board.
My Community
Decision Making in
our Community

School Board
I chose to attend a school board meeting to see how our tax payers dollars were being spent. I chose to attend Avondale High School's School Board meeting because that is where I graduated High School. It is also where my dad is currently teaching so I was interested to see how the decisions that affect him were made.
Terry Lang
Sucher: "School funding issues have been very challenging. Student expulsion decisions are never easy. These decisions protect the safety of other students but how are we helping the troubled student? It is very gratifying to see the smiling faces on students, parents, and staff on opening day of school. But the most gratifying part is high school graduation as we see the culmination of the K-12 experience and preparing students for the next phase of their lives."

I think that as a member of a community I think that it is very important to be knowledgeable about the event occurring in the community. It is also important as a tax payer to see where your money is being put to use.
Stephen Sucher
Why you stood for election
Lang: "I've always been looking for a way to give back to the community. When I saw the opportunity to be a part of the Avondale Board I went for it."
What you finds challenging and gratifying about your work on the committee?
Lang: "The most challenging part of being on the committee is the budget, the business side of the district. Last May was my first graduation commencement and to sit there and see all of our special needs, children that had certain challanges, the robotics student, and all the students in between. To see that whole gamut of student graduating was very rewarding."
Your experiences with social studies in school as a student?
Sucher: "I was more interested in math and science. But I do remember taking classes in civics, law, and history. Understanding the past can be very beneficial in understanding current events. What drove the Declaration of Independence? Why is our Constitution so important? How is our form of government different than others? What are the benefits?"
Your experiences with social studies in school as a student?
Lang: "As a student I was involved with student government, I was a Lake Orion graduate, I was always an avid fan of Civics"
What you would like young citizens to know
about when it comes to living in a democracy?
Sucher: Young citizens need to be engaged in the decision making process. They need to have an understanding of their criteria, not what the media says and distorts at times. They need to vote. Too few people actually vote. Young citizens need to understand good leadership, those who stand up for the right reasons. Our young citizens are now the largest voice of the population. With that lies a great responsibility and I hope they use it wisely.
Lang: " Be well informed and get involved. I think that it's importiant as we talk about the different legislative pieces and the tenticales that each of those pieces have into different parts of education and the community. To be well informed of those and to be able to give feedback is very importiant. Don't be silent."
What you would like young citizens to know
about when it comes to living in a democracy?
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