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Hearts and Hand O Henry

No description

Haleigh Keene

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Hearts and Hand O Henry

Hearts and Hand
By O Henry

Theme 1: You my run into old friends in the most unlikely of places.
EX:''Well Mr.Easton if you will make me speak first I suppose I must. Don't you ever recognize old friends when you meet them in the west.
Theme 2: Money is not everything
EX:''I had to do something. Money has a way of taking wings unto itself and you know it takes money to keep step with our crowd in Washington.
Theme 3: Don't forget where you came from or don't try to change who you are
EX: That's different from the Washington life. You have been missed from the old crowd
Exposition:Miss Fairchild is on a train and she sees on of her old friends Mr.Easton who is handcuffed to a prisoner.
Rising Action:The both start talking to each other and she finds out that he is a marshall.
Climax:They are telling each other about their lives and how they miss one another.
Falling Action:Mr.Easton goes and takes the prisoner to the smoking room
Resolution:Mr.Easton says goodbye to his old friend Miss Fairchild
Author's Information
O Henry was born September 11,1862.
He was born in the town of Greensboro,North Carolina. He died June 5,1910. Most of the settings in his books reminded him of his home life. Hearts and Hand was one of his most popular stories.
Tone And Mood
Tone: warm and cheerful
Mood: happy
Ex 1: When Miss Fairchild recognizes one of her old friends on the train.
Ex 2: When Miss Fairchild thinks that Mr.Easton is going to prison because he is handcuffed to another person.
This story is about a women named Miss Fairchild and she see one of her old friends Mr.Easton. Mr.Eaaston is handcuffed to another man. Mr.Easton is a marshall who is that the man handcuffed to him to prison. Mr.Easton wants to be the ambassador. Miss Fairchild and Mr.Easton hope to see each other again
Characters and POV
Main Characters: Mr.Easton And Miss
dymamic:Mr.Easton because he sort of changed when he saw Miss Fairchild
Static:Miss Fairchild
Protagonist: Mr.Easton and Miss Fairchild because Mr.Easton is a marshall and Miss Fairchild has not done anything wrong.
Antagonist: The prisoner because he has to go to jail
POV: Third Person ominsent
Narrator: The author O Henry
1: Mr.Easton wants to have a higher postion in his job

2: Miss Fairchild's father was very ill

3: Mr.Easton and Miss Fairchild don't know if they will see each other again
Literary Terms
personifaction: I think the air agrees with me
Hyperbole: I'm half dead for a pipe
Imagery:The young woman's glance fell upon them with a distant swift disinterest then with a lovely smile brightening her countenance and tender pink tingeing her rounded cheeks she held out a little gray gloved hand

The author used these because it made the story more interesting and it made it more enjoyable to read.
Haleigh Keene 3/31/14
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