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time capsule

No description

lelaina hughes

on 14 October 2012

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Transcript of time capsule

My time capsule By: Lelaina Hughes 2001 2012 2005 2008 I was born I turned 3 My little brother was born Tristan I started 2nd grade at SPE My last year of elementary and my other little sister was born: Gemma, also my dad got married to my awesome mom val. 2011 My little sister was born: Sophie 2004 That was my time capsule 2002 I started walking and talking THANK YOU!!!!!! My mother tried to have me naturally but it was too much. She had to go to the hospital but she was happy to see me. My first steps were towards my mom and then i started talking. My first words were moma and no! My stepdad got me a dress in chile. At first he was like any other annoying brother but i got used to him All of the kids were really nice but one girl caught my eye and from the moment I laid eyes on her, I knew she would be my best friend. Her name is Carley Ok to tell you the truth I was a little jealous but she turned out to be really sweet and cute. Lelaina Carley Being in fifth grade is lots of fun being looked up to and all , and my little sister Gemma is so cute.
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