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Madame Du Barry

No description

Molly Holbert

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Madame Du Barry

Du Barry a Biagraphy
By: Stanley Loomis

Madame Du Barry Backround
Jean Bècu
Born as an illegitimate child in Lorraine, France
Courtesan in highest circles of the Parisian Society
18th Century

Main Points
1. Louis XV
2. Madame Du Barry's Position as Mistress
3. Reign of Terror

King Louis XV
King Louis XV
Five Mistresses
1st: Madame de Mailly- lacked beauty but was vivacious
2nd: Madame de Vintimille- described as "wolfish"
3rd: Madame de la Tournelle
- another Nesle sister, "cold blooded, calculating gold digger"
-wanted her sister de Mailly exiled and the rank of Duchesse
4th: Madame de Pompadour- extremely influential and entertained the gloomy king
5th: Madame Du Barry
Louis XV
Led a lavish life
Married to Queen Marie Leczinksa
The Queen Passed in 1768
Met Jeanne Becu in the same year
After a long wait, Jeanne was presented to the Court of Versailles
Louis depended on his mistresses for entertainment
He gave Madame Du Barry anything she pleased
Died of smallpox within 10 days on May 10th, 1774
Enjoyed the luxury of her position
Slowly gained support of the court
Known for influencing the fashion trends of her time
Owned an extensive collection of jewelery
Entertained the king with extravagant parties and activities
Despised by Marie Antoinette and Duc De Choiseul
Comtesse Du Barry
Stood by the king's side until she was exiled by the King to please God
Sent to a convent by the King as punishment for being his mistress
Humbled by her experiences in the convent and sought to help people
Had many affairs after the King's death
Was thoroughly admired by many but also hated by several enemies
More about Du Barry
The Brink of the French Revolution
Now Lois XVI ruled and was liked by the people but his foreign Queen, Marie Antoinette, was hated
Began an affair with the Duc De Brissac who was a man of liberal ideas and friends with a controversial minister
Madem Du Barry traveled back and forth to England to handle the theft of a large portion of her jewelry
Tension in France began to heighten and make it difficult for the Comtesse to travel
Du Barry and her friends still attended plays
Chateau De Louveciennes
Age 45 - painting by Madame Vigèe-Le Brun
The Reign of Terror
The Duc De Brissac was violently killed by an angry mob and his head was thrown to Madame Du Barry's feet in her salon
Du Barry began another affair with her last lover, Rohan-Chabot
She was caught burning letters to & from lovers and friends
Her enemy, Greive, pieced the letters back together to prover her guilty in court
Madame Du Barry was accused of committing anti-revolutionary acts because of her friendships with guilty people
She was convicted and beheaded by the guillotine
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