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The Odyssey

Story of Odysseus' long road home.

shannon duckworth

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of The Odyssey

Odysseus' Journey Ithaca homeland Calypso
Cyclops Trojan War
Posiedon Athena Penelope
Telemacus Ships Suitors Battle for the throne
Life at Sea Ship's Crew Arrogance Love of Odysseus life
Mother of his only son
Promises to remarry if he does not return before telemecus has a become a man
Odyssues is the King of Ithaca Ruler of the Sea Faithful
Did not follow orders
They all died Their song would keep you on the island forever Held his men captive MAny suitors fought for Penelope's hand
because they did not think Odysseus would return. They took over the palace. They ate and drank, showing no respect. Daughter of Zeus
Fond of Odysseus Athena helped Odysseus get back in the palace. He got all the suitors into a room and killed all of them.Odysseus took over his throne,and was reunited with Penelope once again. his journey was over. He did not show respect to Posideon,
who cursed Odysseus to sail the
ocean forever and never return to Ithaca
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