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30/60/90 Day Plan -Jamie Miletsky

An action plan for the first 90 days at SiteSpect

Jamie Miletsky

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of 30/60/90 Day Plan -Jamie Miletsky

My first 90 days will be a balance of
30/60/90 Day Action Plan
Improve my numbers for month 2 by calculating how many calls = 1 demo
Gather baseline data from sales-force for the first ten opportunities I create,
Add the total number of calls and Divide by ten
This will give me a rough estimate of how many calls it takes to create a lead
Goal of 100-150 calls per day
Goal of 5 qualified opps per week
Ensure that all 30 day milestones are completed and reported as appropriate
Set up regular weekly one on one meetings with management and my assigned Account Executives
Join a minimum of 5 social networks on multivariate web optimization to keep up on the latest industry knowledge
Cold Research -find minimum 100 new accounts within my assigned territory through LinkedIn, Jigsaw, Data.com, Google, company directories etc.
Add minimum of 4X forecast revenue to round out month two
Make minimum of 500 calls weekly
Generate average of 12.5 opportunities for weeks 9-10
Be on track to add 25 opportunities for month 3 by producing an average of 1.25 opportunities for 20 day month
This will yield 5x pipeline revenue for month 3
Adding roughly 0.25x pipeline revenue per opportunity should allow me to reach my goal
This formula should allow my account executives to hit quota for month 3
Week 9 and Week 10
Review my 3 month action plan and executable items with management and with my assigned teammates
Assess what I was able to achieve
Make sure metrics are on target with revenue goals
Discuss ways to improve in month 4
Make sure there my ramp up is on target
Make sure that we have a sound strategy in place success for the next three months and I understand exactly how to achieve my goals
30 Day milestones
Add a minimum of 4x amount in opportunities created pipeline forecast revenue for month 2
Generate between 15 and 20 qualified opportunities or (1.5 to 2 leads per day)
Have developed comprehensive action plan with time table for meeting lead generation targets month over month
Calculate the # of phone calls you need to make in order to convert an account
Have a good understanding of territory and a mapped strategy for how to touch, best times to touch where, how to be successful
Be secondary owner for at least 1 closed /won opportunity
Deliver a minimum 25 qualified opportunities
Add minimum of 5x pipeline revenue for month three
Have 60-65 total created qualified opportunities that are foretasted at least 50%
Maintain a 3:1 ratio new customer touches to existing ones
Be secondarily responsible for at least 1-2 closed /won opportunities.(A.S.C dependent)
Be a reliable member of the sales team
Help find 5 channel partnerships
60 Day milestones
90 Day Milestones
Week 11 and Week 12
Week 5 and Week 6
Week 7 and Week 8
Week 1 and Week 2
Week 3 and Week 4

Thoroughly comprehend offerings
Thoroughly understand the value proposition and pricing structures
Thoroughly understand what constitutes Pain/need time, budget, environment, to create a qualified lead
Understand the challenges that Web Optimizers face day to day and try to have a case study ready for each pain point
Understand why we win, our competitive advantages,(tag-free approach, product differentiation)
Develop understanding of our competitors are and their offerings
Start making calls,touching accounts
Try to set up a demo in week 1
Understanding SuccessFactors

Assimilating Technology
Understanding products and Service Offerings
Becoming a subject matter expert
Delivering effective Value Proposition
Understanding the competitive landscape
Understanding my territory assignment, internal systems and processes
Understanding and executing exactly what I need for successful (metrics + info)

Revenue Generating Activities

Prospecting daily opportunity generation, conversion, calls, emails
Generating revenue pipeline of 5x anticipated closed amount
Establishing new prospect relationships for short and long term success.
Meeting all agreed upon metrics set by management
Understanding the metrics that are necessary for success.
Be on the way to generating closed won opportunities
Be a subject matter expert
Meet with management and set goals and expectations
Reach out to all previous and existing accounts, update statuses.
Touch all new leads at least once new: old 3:1-ratio
Convert between 10 and 15 qualified opportunities (accounting for product training and orientation time)
Create between 2x and 3x anticipated pipeline revenue for closed/won opportunities for month 1
Identify any low hanging fruit
Be totally acclimated to my role and be producing at a moderate level for month 1
Have a set schedule that optimizes time management
Earn the trust of my superiors/team members and become a reliable member of the sales team
Have a set schedule of daily activities down and in practice
Have a set formula of metrics for success set and in practice
Work towards setting 1 new demonstrations a day- average of 5 by week by the end of month one
Touch any old/dead leads or in process accounts at least once a day
Maintain 5-6 quality conversations per day
Learn how to effectively handle objections
Understand my Account Executives goals and aligning my goals with achieve theirs

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