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Gender Roles In the 1800's

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Phil Brandson

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Gender Roles In the 1800's

Gender Roles In the 1800's What are gender roles? The End Gender roles are the stereotypes that we have that compare the average lifestyle of the men to the average lifestyle of the women. Most women did not have the privilege of getting an education. Only higher-class women would occasionally get a basic education in arithmetic, writing, and reading. An average woman's education in the 1800's In the 1800's, children were considered chattel. The father could do anything he wanted with the child. He could enjoy the fruits of his labor, abuse him, etc.,but it was his responsibility to feed him. Children were often abused, even to death sometimes. Children in the 1800's Women had barely any of the rights the men had in that time. Men were allowed to own property (including the woman and all of her inheritance), they could get an education (like most women couldn't), and they could have alot of jobs that women couldn't. It wasn't until 1839, when Mississippi granted women the right for women to own property with their husband's permission, that women were allowed to own land. Women's rights After watching this presentation, i hope you have realized how different today's society is from that of the 1800's. Thanks for listening. Men Women An average Man's lifestyle in the 1800's Men were the head of the house. Men were usually off fighting wars or working. They had many rights that the women did not including the right to own property and they could have certain jobs that women couldn't. The average lifestyle of women in the 1800's The life of women in the 1800's was sometimes thought of as a form of slavery. Women had almost none of the rights the men had. The only thing women were expected to do was to marry a man and then spend the rest of her life serving him. If she remained single, she would be ridiculed by society. When the woman would marry a man, he had rights to all of her inheritance and everything the woman had.
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