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Andree Gonzalez

on 1 March 2017

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Transcript of Ohio

The climate here is humid continental. Little of humid subtropical. With humid continental experiences snowy winters with snowfall.Humid subtropical have sunny days almost though the year. I would live in the humid subtropical area in Ohio if you ask me.

Ohio is well known for it industrial output.
Only California
New York can only surpass the state of Ohio's output.
Ohio's rubber companies were once called the rubber capital of the world.Ohio is home to Goodyear Tire and rubber companies. Ohio has plentiful supply of water and other vast mineral deposit which includes salt.

Natural Resources
Natural resources in Ohio are coal and oil. Ohio also has gas,sand,gravel and salt. Coal,oil,and gas are nonrenewable resources.
Sand,gravel,salt are renewable resources. This natural resources are very important to the state of Ohio.
Physical features
The physical features here are the Ohio river,Campbell hill,and Lake Erie. The Ohio river is one of the river that go into the Mississippi river. The Campbell hill is the highest point in Ohio it 1,549 feet above sea level. Lake Erie is one of the great lakes,and it is the shallowest lake of the great lakes. Like the Ohio river there are more than the Ohio river.

Places in Ohio you can go to are Columbus,Cincinnati,Cleveland,Toledo,Dayton,Akron,Hocking Hill State Park, Kelleys Island,Columbus Zoo,and Lake Erie.Cincinnati,Cleveland,Toledo,
Akron,and Dayton are all cities you can go to. Lake Erie and Kelleys Island both have to do with water. Hocking Hill state park is one of the state parks in Ohio. The Columbus Zoo is the most popular zoo in Ohio.
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