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Ancient Ghana

No description

Horse Jumper 26

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Ancient Ghana

Monday, March 9th, 2014
By: Gibsen Kaye
Background to
When did Ghana exist?
People Who Lived in Ghana
Ghana's Social Structure
Ghana existed in 800 AD. to
1100 AD.
Ghana was located in Africa.
The people that lived in Ghana were the Soninkes. These people met or were brought together by a leader named Dinga Cisse.
The most important leader was the king, also known as the ghana, or some people called him war chief. He served as a commander of a highly organized army. The king would hold hearings in a court to decide innocence or guilt.
The last time somebody looked at Ghana's religion was in 1960 and they found that people were 30% Muslim, 38% Traditionalist, 24% Christian, some also prayed to gods and different spirits. Some believed plants and animals had spirits.
Ghana was in a place that is now called Senegal and Mauritania. People say that Ghana had the richest gold mines in the world.
Ghana had a king, priests, and some peasants.

The classes of people were the rulers and they were the upper class people and the laborers were the lower class people.

The jobs of people were mostly cocoa bean harvesters.
Where was it located?
Religious Beliefs
The classes of people & Jobs
Ancient Ghana
An Ancient Ghana house.
Ghana's culture is a product
of diversity and traditional
things. Their culture was
influenced by Islamic and
European contact.
Food supply/stable
Mostly everybody in Ghana has
good food such as fish, meat,
maize (corn), legumes (beans),
tubers (roots). Fishing is easy
because they are right by the
Gulf of Guinea. They kept the
stable food supply by farming,
fishing, butchering animals
for meat.
Technological Advances from Ghana
They were one of the first in
Africa to make iron tools. These
tools were used for pottery, masonry, mining, and carpentry. They had cloth manufacturing which helped them make cloths.
Written Language
Rather than Ghana having a written language they told what they wanted to say in stories.
New Things I Learned
Some new things I learned about Ghana
was that Ghana is a major Cocoa bean
harvester, they spoke lots of different languages, and Ghana had a mobile phone service that started in 1992.
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