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Developing Leadership Skills Programme

A CPD session from JIC Head of Geography to WOLP on development planning and self evaluation.

James Clark

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Developing Leadership Skills Programme

James Clark, Head of Geography, The Henry Box School West oxfordshire
learning partnership DEVELOPMENT PLANNING The PROGRAMME plan 1. Development Planning and Self Evaluation at Middle Leader Level
2. People Management Skills
3. Applying for Jobs: What Head Teachers are Looking For
4. Interview Techniques
5. Leading a Team: The Attributes of Strong Leadership James clark Fitzharrys School, Abingdon
Henry Box, Witney Development Planning and Self Evaluation QUEEN - ONE VISION DEVELOPING LEADERSHIP
(Formerly the Aspiring
Middle Leaders’ Programme) 1. Deputy Head of Sixth Form 2. Subject leader for Economics 3. Maternity cover for Head of Business 4. Head of Geography at Henry Box 8 1. Setting your Agenda as a middle leader
2. Vision creation
3. Show and tell
4. Leading change
5. Tea Break
6. Development Planning
7. Monitoring and Collecting
8. The relationship between development
plans and self evaluation QUESTIONS Department Year Group
How should your subject be taught? How should your year group be tutored?
What should the children learn? What should the children learn?
What should the classrooms look like? What should tutor rooms look like?
How will the children conduct themselves? How will the children conduct themselves?
How do you want the team to work? How do you want the team to work?
How are children assessed? How will you monitor the children?
How is success rewarded and celebrated? How is success rewarded and celebrated?
How will the department contribute to school? How will the year group contribute to school? VISION leading change KOTTER'S 8 STAGE CYCLE

1. Establishing a sense of urgency
2. Creating a guiding coalition
3. Developing a vision (this is probably in part contrived)
4. Communicating the vision (make it visible)
5. Empowering team members with part of the vision
6. Generating short term gains
7. Producing more change (i.e. the road wont be smooth)
8. Maintaining a culture of evolutionary change (This is what Jim Smith says takes organisations from good to great) Self Evaluation
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