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Human Resources

No description

Michelle Shen

on 13 June 2015

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Transcript of Human Resources




Room Number: TxhuDgnf
Keeping Good Employees
Departures, Dismissals and Retirement
Handling Compensation
Health and Safety
Academic Skills
The Labour Market
Determining the Need for a New Employee
Looking for the Right Employee
The Application Process and the Interview
Job Training
Personal Management Skills
Teamwork Skills
General Business
Accounting Careers
Consulting Careers
Financial Careers
Human Resources Careers
Marketing Careers
Personal Selling Careers
The Rights of the Employee
The Rights of the Employer
employees can leave voluntarily
employer can provide recommendation letter to help employee’s transition
human resource department can arrange exit counseling
employer may ask employee’s opinion on work environment
businesses lay workers off for specific reasons
unionized employees: laid off based on order of seniority
non-unionized companies: lays off workers who are least essential in an everyday basis
companies provide severance package to dismissed employee
outplacement counseling
Some retire when they qualify for pension
standard age in Canada: 65
can take CPP as early as age of 60: with permanently reduced amount given
can become career move for many as Canadian's life expectancy increases
forms of compensation:

payroll office or department calculates amount they owe to employees after tax deduction, employment insurance
affected by demand and supply
often used in sales jobs (e.g retail)
encourages employees to work harder
fairly small amount earned
example: employee earning 1% commission earns extra $30 if $3000 in goods sold
higher commission = lower salary or hourly wage paid
Salary Plus Commission
Straight Commission

A form of pay based on the amount of sales generated by the employee
only based on employee's sales
can earn great amount if you are a skillful salesperson
can earn little or no income if you become ill or sales drop
Incentive Bonus

when employee meets expectation, bonus is given
companies lay sales quota for each employee
Sales quota:
A performance goal an employee is expected to achieve
Performance-based Pay
Fee for Service
often used in construction, catering and cleaning businesses
estimates cost of time and materials needed for the job
need additional fee to ensure profit is made
employer and employee signs written contract to prevent misunderstandings
Royalty or Licensing Fee

a payment for using ideas and creativity of another person's
e.g. t-shirt business wants to put a character from a successful movie on product
Stock Options

federal & provincial laws require businesses to provide and maintain safe/healthy work environment

Canadian employers legally required to maintain safe workplace
employee injured on job
workers compensation board pays employee while recovering, provides extra medical coverage
basic foundation to keep, obtain and progress on job
think critically, act logically to examine situations, solve issues and make decisions
understand, solve issues involving math and data
use technology, instruments, tools and info. systems effectively
use, apply knowledge from various fields (for e.g., physical sciences, arts and social science...)

will continue to learn in rest of your life and at work
can do this by:
learning from others at work place
upgrading skills
taking seminars
can return back to school
Hourly Wage
common payment method for part timer
ranges from minimum wage -> hundreds of dollars/hr
working overtime can increase payment

Room Number: TxhuDgnf
The Importance of Productivity
fixed amount of money an employees receive on regular schedule (e.g. monthly or weekly)
salaried jobs do not specify how many hours an employee has to work
are not paid more for working overtime
The Importance of Skilled Labour
The Importance of a Positive Attitude
Chapter 6
Human Resources

Education Requirements?
Post-Secondary and Certifications
Career Pathways?
Career Examples?
Job description, duties, tasks

Positive Attitudes & Behaviors:
self-esteem & confidence
honesty, integrity, & personal ethics
positive attitude towards your job and personal health
initiative & persistence to get the job done
Skills you need to successfully work with others:
Understands and contributes to goals
Connects ideas with others to support the outcome
Works within the culture of the group
Approaches to new ideas appropriately and respects others’ thoughts and opinions
Takes leadership when appropriate in order to maintain high performance
Ability to start business within a week
Minimum job requirement = high school education
Provide a good living
Ex. For people who work as waiters, bartenders, secretaries, office clerks, drivers, warehouse workers, etc.
Starting off with a small job can lead to higher positions
Income/expenses, assets/liabilities, and financial records
Tax accountants, Management accountants, forensic
Accountant must be
qualified as:
CA (Certified Accountant)
CGA (Certified General Accountant)
CMA (Certified
Management Accountant)
Consultants: people who get paid to give advice and expertise
Know a lot about a specific topic
Ex. Business Consultants
Help with management issues, marketing problems, public relations, international trade
Ability for clients to believe you can solve problems
No specific educational background
Have an excessive deal of knowledge
Many are successful and have a good reputation
Anyone can start their own business
Characteristics and skills
A lot of money
Good idea
Successful = Billions of dollars
most richest and financially successful

Financial Careers
Human Resource Careers
Marketing Careers

advertising, promotions, publicity, packaging, and event planning
ability with words or a strong artistic sense
Career Examples
i.e. brand manager, advertising managers
Job description
Product development, marketing research, and logistics
Requires a mathematics and statistical program
Transport goods from one location to another
Educational Requirement
Personal Selling Careers
• Types of Sales position and Real Life Examples
Retail clerk/ cashier WAL-MART, Forever XXI
Contact salesperson pharmaceutical representative
Auctioneer Sothebey's
Rights in the Workplace

Canadian employee and employer rights
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
December 10, 1948
General Assembly of the United Nations
The articles of the declaration
the Universal Employee Bill of Rights
The Rights of the Employee
The Rights of the Employer
minimum wages
overtime, holiday
Key Words
Protected grounds
Setting goals and priorities for work and personal life
Managing time, money, and other resources to succeed in goals
Accountability for actions
Adaptability and positive attitude towards change
Ability to incorporate creativity

- Human resources managers do the following
they study the local labour market to discover where new
employees will come from
they decide when a new employee is needed
they determine what skills the employee should have

- HR department searches for applicants, conducts interviews, and selects the best candidate

- HR also:
set up training programs for new employees and employees
that need new skills
manages payrolls
create programs that will help retain good employees
handle worker transitions

- 4 types:
unskilled labour
semi-skilled labour
skilled labour
professional labour

- both employers and employees want to know what wage rates are offered to employees and what kinds of jobs will be popular in the future

- employers look at the labour market to determine:
what occupations and skills are available
what education and training is provided in the community
what the economic conditions are in the area

- employees look at the labour market to:
find potential employers
determine the types of skills in demand
find out what the employment rate is in the community

- more productivity = more profit
- various factors may affect productivity
- employer and employee must come to an agreement to increase productivity
Who are they and what did they do that made them successful?
hiring skilled labour = savings for the business
& improved quality

improved quality = higher profits & improved
- happy employees often make more or better products than unhappy ones

- one employee’s mood can affect other employees which can affect the entire business

- employers can meet the employees’ specific needs to keep them happy and more productive

Vocabulary list shared through:
calculates amount of specific product an employee can make
known as
commonly used in clothing industry
more products employee can make, more money earned
can lead to abuse
some piecework factories are known as
low wages and forced to work in unsafe working environment
reputable businesses: allow employees to work at home with own equipment
Businesses suffer loss
often gives
sick pay
businesses benefit from healthy employees
wellness programs

- In medium-sized and large companies, human resources managers predict their company’s staff needs:
determine how many employees will be needed at what time
can forecast company’s employee turnover
can predict how company’s staff needs will be affected by new technologies, changes in hiring practices, and shifts in economic conditions

- When a vacancy occurs, the human resources department tries to hire a qualified person from within the company to fill the position
this involves checking employee records
If there are no suitable candidates within the company, the human resources department hires a person from outside

often offer shares to attract employees
gives employees opportunity to buy company shares lower than market price
Stock Options
employees benefit from it
- different methods used to find an employee:
advertise in newspapers, journals, and magazines
recruit on university and college campuses
post the job on Job Bank
post the job on an online recruiting site
post the job on the company website
use high-school or university co-op programs
hire an employee search firm
use an employee referral program
search the files of recent job applicants

The Application Process
- HR receives submissions
- submissions include:
application form
cover letter
The Interview
- final decision whether to hire someone or not is based on an interview
interview team meets the applicant and asks questions
interview team rates each applicant

- final step before hiring an employee is to conduct a reference check

- HR department organizes orientation and training for all new employees
During orientation, new employees meet other employees and tour the workplace
company introduces business policies
new employee receives training on equipment

- businesses believe in keeping employees happy, well qualified, and up to date in their skills
employers spend great amount of time and expense to search for, hire and train new employees

high employee turnover

businesses attempt to attract experienced employees through various methods

Log on to your computers and go onto google docs
Chapter 5: Production - DISCRIMINATION
An employee is being denied to be promoted to a senior position by their employer because of their race.
- Employer (bully)
- Employee (victim)
- bystander (witness)
- Employee's friend
Chapter 7: Management - DISCRIMINATION
An employee is being denied to be promoted to a senior leadership position by their employer because of their physical disability.
- Employer (bully)
- Employee (victim)
- bystander (witness)
- Employee's friend
Chapter 8: Marketing - Discrimination
An employee is being denied to be promoted to a senior leadership position by their employer because of their gender.
- Employer (bully)
- Employee (victim)
- bystander (witness)
- Employee's friend
Chapter 9: Accounting - DISCRIMINATION
An employee is being denied to be promoted to a senior leadership position by their employer because of their age.
- Employer (bully)
- Employee (victim)
- bystander (witness)
- Employee's friend
What type of career would a retail clerk/cashier be?
What type of career would a human resources administrator stock broker be?
What type of career would an advertising managers be?
Human Resources Career
Personal Selling Career
Marketing Career
Teamwork Activity!
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