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Mona Vanderwaal - Psychoanalysis

No description

Naomi Lewin

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Mona Vanderwaal - Psychoanalysis

Patient Profile: Mona Mona is a 17 year old student at Rosewood High School who became the most popular girl at the school after the former popular queen bee, Alison, passed away. Currently, she is in a mental institution for psychological and emotional treatment. There is a mystery group of people called "A", who blackmail and torture four girls Mona used to be friends with– Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Emily. "A" texts them with threats to ruin their lives and tell their secrets if they do not cooperate with A, all while pretending to be their late friend Alison. Mona is the first person of the A team to be revealed to them, and as an act of her A membership, she almost killed Hanna and Spencer before she was sent to Radley Sanitarium. My Job: I am Naomi, the psychotherapist at the Radley Sanitarium mental health institution with the job of analyzing Mona Vanderwaal, our newest resident. We are trying to discover information about her psyche to find out why she behaves the way she does. Mona Vanderwaal From Pretty Little Liars In the clip you can see that Mona is selfish and rude to others, as she pressures her friend to play Ouija. She doesn't care about making her friend feel uncomfortable and she teases her by saying "If you're too scared..." and speaking with a commanding voice. She is aggressive, assertive and wants things done her way.

So, from my earlier description of Mona and that clip of her....

Where does Mona get her urges and desires from?

What makes her id so strong? Since during most of Mona’s childhood and adolescence she was treated horribly by people at school, she wanted to be accepted and feel good about her life. Love and belongingness is one of Maslow's needs that is important to her because she wants to avoid loneliness and alienation. She might have altered her appearance towards others to become popular so that she could be accepted and feel satisfied. Her id, of everything she wanted her life to be, controlled her so much since she changed her whole lifestyle to achieve her goals. She also might have became deviant because she never felt accepted in her social settings as a child and adolescent, and never felt that she fit in properly. What are the effects of Mona’s id, superego and ego? Mona’s id being so overpowering, almost as if she has no superego, is demonstrated many times. She does not behave in moral or appropriate ways; instead she acts based on her pleasures. She probably does not even realize that she often acts based on her pleasures because the id is in the unconscious mind. Mona has a lot of bad qualities such as shoplifting and hacking, which are caused by her id. Freud's Theory on
Childhood Experiences Mona was a nerd and loser in most of her school years. She was bullied, picked on and tortured by many students, including Alison. In that photo, she was asking Alison and Aria if she can hang out with them, but they rudely ignored her and ran away, leaving her with no friends to hang out with. I infer that this probably happened to Mona a lot because she was labeled by the school as a "dork", "freak" or "nerd". An activity she is seen to do with Hanna is shoplifting. She even encourages Hanna to shoplift expensive items as well and isn’t too worried about being caught by the police since she hasn’t been caught many times. Mona hacked into the principal’s computer and blackmailed him in order to help Emily get back on the swim team after being accused of using growth hormones and getting kicked off the team. This was mostly an act of the id, since she loves being sneaky and doing what is morally and legally unacceptable. The fact that she was doing it to help Emily make it back on the swim team shows that she has some moral motivation and a small influence by her superego, although her act was still against the school policy. This was one of her only acts of balancing what she loves to do with helping others. Mona, being A, ran over Hanna in a car with the attempt to kill her when she found out that Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Emily almost found out who A was and would almost be able to fight back against A. She clearly has no morals and doesn’t think about the fact that she tried to kill someone who she was acting as best friends with. Later in the year when Mona actually did reveal herself as A when she was driving somewhere with Spencer, she attempted to push Spencer off a cliff beside the road. She has an obvious mental health illness because she has such controlling thenatos and a drive of aggression, violence and death. In the earlier clip I presented, her thenatos is also shown through her enjoyment of the Ouija game, contacting spirits, and wanting to find out if Alison is still alive. What about her ego? There is not much function of her ego, because she is not a well-adjusted individual and she has a mental illness. She has a very weak function of balancing any morals with her pleasures.

She probably has a personality disorder like psychopathy or sociopathy because she often engages in aggressive, criminal and immoral behaviour without remorse. She was a loner all her life before a couple years ago and has problems with her former friends (Aria, Hanna, Spencer, and Emily) because of how she treats them. She is charming and can easily make others like her, which is how she became popular so easily. She does not function well in society which is why she had to be sent to Radley Sanitarium for help and rehabilitation. By: Naomi Lewin Erikson's Psychosocial Development Theory Stage 4: Industry vs. Inferiority Freud's Psychosexual Development Theory Stage 2: Autonomy vs. Shame and Doubt When Mona was around 2-3 years, she might not have been given enough independence and freedom. This could have caused her to explore society more as she got older, especially negative behaviours like shoplifting and hacking. When Mona was a child, she did not develop successful social interactions which could have caused her to feel inferior. Feelings of inferiority can coincide with the desire for attention and to feel superior, which can be why Mona turned to violence. Stage 5: Identity vs. Role Confusion During adolescence, Mona might not have known what future role in society was right for her which caused deviance. She might have began to realize her personality traits and her desires and they probably began to arrive in her conscious mind. Mona seems like a normal adolescent in the Genital stage according to Freud's development theory. She has sexual interests and mature sexual relationships. She has an ex-boyfriend, Noel, who she had an intimate relationship with (ex. kissing). Even if she has a personality disorder, she can still successfully develop sexually. Mona is seen in this video kissing her boyfriend Noel and having a romantic candle-lit dinner with him. The Big Five Theory Introvert and Extrovert Subject Condition THE NEW POPULAR MONA! The Lonely, Nerdy, Bullied Mona :( Radley Sanitarium Mona used to be more of an introvert when she was bullied and tortured in her earlier school years. She was more reserved and quiet because people did not want to socialize with her. She then changed her attitude and appearance towards others and is now an extrovert - sociable, popular, talkative, and spontaneous, as shown in this video... Antagonistic Mona fits very well with the antagonistic description because she is:
Rude to others - became a bully herself
Selfish - only acts based on her desires and does not consider societal morals
Suspicious - cannot be trusted because she blackmails her "friends" and randomly acts violently
Unco-operative with the social norms - she is deviant and does not fit in with the rest of society From this video, you can see how Mona's school experiences still affect her emotionally. Piaget's Cognitive Development Theory Concrete Operational Stage In Mona's elementary and junior high school years (ages 7-12), she probably overcame too much egotism that she might have previously had. Since she was bullied, she started thinking that she wasn't important and lost a lot of self-confidence. The lack of self-confidence and not being accepted by her peers probably caused depression and stress. This might have led to some of her outlashes and deviant behaviour in society (ex. shoplifting, bullying, etc.). She might have acted this way because of her anger towards society for not accepting her, which was motivated by her unconscious mind. Formal Operational Stage Adolescents usually develop problem-solving skills at this stage. Mona developed skills to transform her appearance to others to become popular and make others think more positively of her. She was unsuccessful in dealing with some of the bullying as she became aggressive and deviant when she started blackmailing and attempting murder. Mona's deviant behaviour might be the defense mechanism of displacement, where people take out their frustration on others who are not a threat to them or haven't caused any problems to them. She probably took out her frustration from years of being bullied when she became a rude bully to others, shoplifted, and blackmailed her friends. So basically... Mona had negative childhood experiences which might have caused problems in her development from a young child to an adolescent. She was overwhelmed and probably depressed from being bullied which caused her to become deviant in society. She began to only act based on her desires and she stopped considering morals. Mona is probably a psychopath or sociopath which caused her to attempt severe criminal activities like murder. Mona at Radley
Sanitarium I will elaborate more on:
her negative behaviour
her id, ego, superego and unconscious mind
how she developed to become this way
her mental health What happened in Mona's development that caused her to act the way she does? Hopefully myself and my colleagues at Radley Sanitarium can help to rehabilitate Mona so that she can safely return to society.
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